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Hi Experts ,  We have a cluster of WLC 9800-CL , We are planning to upgrade to 17.3.4c.Could you please share me the good document on upgrade and also suggest the pre and post check which I have to do during the upgrade activity .   

  how to enable DLS mode in cisco 5520     (FR-21636wl-04) >show mobility summary Mobility Protocol Port........................... 16666Default Mobility Domain.......................... FR-21636wlMulticast Mode .................................. Dis...

Noovi by Level 1
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I'm investigating an issue with a newish installation: 9130APs in RTLS-density deployment running on an HA pair of 9300 controllers.17.3.5a software. The 5GHz looks fine, but on performing an Ekahau survey it became apparent that the 2.5GHz was not. ...

Jim Blake by Level 1
  • 5 replies
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Dear Experts, We have a RAP and MAP connection using Cisco 3702E model and manged by 5508 WLC   Now requirement is to connect a 8 port switch 3560X to the MAP Cisco 3702 AP for  extending connecitivty to security cabin where a wired IP phone and one ...

dipaj7 by Level 1
  • 9 replies
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Hello,My problem is i cant get in to the webui of the AP. I connected the power injector with the switch and the AP. I had a previous AP C9120AXE-T and the led shined green and configurated it already. i try it with C9120AXE-E but it doesnt shine gre...

wenli by Level 1
  • 20 replies
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Dear all, What are you using for an APs to discover their controllers? I suppose quite often is being used DNS based discovery CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER.localdomain. However how you deal with fact if you have two separate wireless controller environmen...

Dear All, Good Day. Please note that I have 4 buildings and each building has 2 L3 distribution switches and 12 Access. All L3 distribution switches go to 2 core L3 switches and i have configured ospf single area 0 between core and dist L3 switches. ...

nikEnable by Level 1
  • 5 replies
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Hi All,We have 100 APs at site on AIreos WLC. We want only 10 APs to be migrated on 9800-CL WLC.What should be approach?When we migrate one AP as test by defining 9800-CL WLC IP in HA of Access Point as primary controller, it gives below error%CAPWAP...

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