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Hi All. Thanks in advance for any assistance. I picked up a second hand AIR-AP3802I-E-K9 whos serial number appears on the list of affected AP's that were manufactured Dec 2017 and January 2018 that exhibit unable to connect to wired network, spammin...

Hello,I have attached a camera to a mesh1572 AP and low and behold the camera picked up an IP and I can actually see video. It's in the wrong VLan and I would like to change that, but I can't find the actual port. All gig interfaces I can list on the...

I used my Cisco RV345P for my CCTV(wireless). I connected my NVR and Acess points on cisco it works fine but the video feed keeps on stuttering or stuck the data sent from the device keeps on fluctuating is there a way i can change cisco priorities f...

DDTEL by Beginner
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Please see the below diagram. WLC9800 is connected to the router via vlan20 and AP is connected to the router via vlan200. AP is joined to the wlc. The client can get ip address if dhcp server is configured at the wlc as internal. But the client cann...

We have this weird case for a Cisco AIR AP-3802I-E-K9 standalone setup in which all devices can connect except iOS devices. Does anybody experience same issue? We have checked several settings like radio and EAP method but to no avail. Appreciate if ...

PCepada by Beginner
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Hello, AP3700 has ios ver 8.0... after joined to wlc with ver 8.5, the ap is connected to second wlc with ver 8.10. then the AP ios version changed to version 8.10. but we do not know why the AP version changed back to version 8.0 from 8.10? Why it h...

Hi, I am getting Wifi-Weak Security Error message on I phones and needs  upgrade to WAP2-AES security in Mobility Express. But there is no option to set that security feature. Please anyone helps to get a solution.

sijosmail by Beginner
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Hi!I have an air-ap2802i, which is rebooting and showing the message below.The wireless controller is: WLC5520 ver. 8.10.142.Do you know any workaround or just RMA? [ OK ] Created slice -.slice.[ OK ] Created slice system.slice.Starting Cisco system ...

NicoMat by Beginner
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From my reading I thought was a Mobility Express firmware.  I was expecting to see the "CiscoAirProvision" SSID being broadcast after the factory reset.  Am I missing something?  How do I get the AP to broadcast the initial SSID so I can g...

skysurf76 by Beginner
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