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Hello,Does anyone know if it is possible to use 1 WLSE to manage 2 (or more) completely independant Cisco WLAN deployments? Each deployment would be using it's own ACS (RADIUS), WDS, etc... WLSE is the only common piece in both. When entering the WLC...

s.vautour by Beginner
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Hi,I have configured the WLSE to email a report every morning about rouge device detected within the last day. However the report leaves out the SSID that is picked up from the Rouge AP. This is quite usefull information as at a quick glance you can ...

I have several new 1232's installed, all interfaces in default vlan1, all ap's connected to Cat 3550's with in-line power. I get DHCP when clients are plugged into the 3550's. Using Cisco LAN PCMCIA a/b/g adapter, and it won't get DHCP from the Air...

I am trying to connect more than one AP to a wired LAN, if I make 2 access points with the same SSID I can not connect to either one.But if I set them different I can connect with no problem.Any ideas why?

We are trying to research the possibility of providing utility services through our electric meter with the help of Wifi!!!Is it possible that utility serivces like Cable TV, internet and telephone over 802.11g WLAN?Does 802.11g offer enough bandwidt...

mojha1985 by Beginner
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Does the AP require CCKM enabled in order for WDS caching of security credentials or will other key management types such as WPA work?

vsahagian by Beginner
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Hi there.I have setup EAP type authentication using MS-PEAP V2, everything works fine. The issue is when using PEAP, users must authenticate before network connection is established. However, this introduces another issue, I cannot for example, push ...

ssumrein by Beginner
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having trouble enabling Client Tracking. If I check the radio button for “Enable Client Tracking on all WDS Devices”, I get no errors but find that Reports>Wireless Clients gives no details even after several days. If I change the drop down to “Clien...

I am using a Aironet 1231 with firmware 12.3(4) and I have enabled Multiple BSSID. I have two SSIDs that I am broadcasting that I would like to have guests access. Each SSID has it's own VLAN (1 and 2, 1 being native). When I connect to the first SSI...

Has anyone tried lowering this parameter? And if so, did it help? I'm considering lowering it on nodes that are on the edge and that have a lot of radio retries. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

chriskgtmc by Beginner
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The many Aironet350 AP that I am administering would suddenly drop all clients and output the below log: Started driver for port "awc0" Stopped driver for port "awc0" Started driver for port "awc0" Stopped driver for port "awc0" Anyone has any experi...

chewcs by Beginner
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I have done several of these installs in the past, trying to get a new setup for one of my customers. I usually configure them before taking them to the site, even test them to see if they are associating before hand. So I started with two 1300 bridg...

Hi there,I'm trying to setup home wireless network using AP 11G.The problem i'm facing is my client could not get any ip address at all.Can someone help me with the configuration on my AP??Tks

mrba_2000 by Beginner
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