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br350, ethernet starts flashing red

Has anyone ever found out why on a BR350 the ethernet light will start flashing red and the unit stops passing traffic? I was hoping 12.03 would fix it, but nope. Signal strength is over 60% and usually the unit works fine at 11mb. It's not a bad u...

selphj by Beginner
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AP 1200 - Maximum Data Retries

We are using the IOS version of the Aironet 1200 series with the 802.11B radio. In the event log, we have been receiving the following message: "Packet to client [mac] reached max retries, remove the client". When examining associated clients to the ...

dmayne by Beginner
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Which AP?

I am currently using 352's at some of my plants, but am looking to increase coverage. I am worried about the 300 series becoming EOL. Is there any information out there with a comparison of all the different series AP's? Any compatibilities issues...

decore by Beginner
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AD-hoc mode

Dear MembersCan i connect two PCI WLAN 350 adapter cards in adhoc mode to connect just two PCs. is there some problem in this ?what is rf output power of aironet 350 client adapter cards ?regards

VPN, VLANs and Roaming

I have set up VLANs on my Aironet 1200s in my test lab, and have got them to work successfully. I have also been able to use a VPN connection to gain network access on the open VLAN. My question is while using the VPN client,(1) will roaming be aff...

c.tenley by Beginner
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Wireless Dynamic VLAN Assignment

Has anyone sucessfully implemented Dynamic VLAN assigment. I have not been sucessful. I am using at IOS Based 1200 with ACS 3.2. I am using PEAP as the authentication mechanism and I have tried both SSID assignment and VLAN assignment VIA RADIUS and ...

rossirj by Beginner
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Intel Pro 2100 And Cisco LEAP

We have currently purchased a test laptop with the new intel 2100 card that "supports LEAP" Intel Is telling me that drivers must be obtained from Cisco. I have tried teh ACU which obviously does not work being it is not an aironet card. Anyone t...

bblaze1 by Beginner
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Resolved! 7920 Wireless Phones

I have several access points in one location. I set the maximum number of associations for my wireless voice VLAN to 5. After 5 associations, the 1200 will not take more....that's what I want to insure quality.But, how can I force a phone to skip t...

fpineda by Beginner
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Wireless bridging

I want to use wireless to bridge a long distance in my plant instead of using fiber. Can I use a 1200 AP to do this or do I need a 1400?Thanks!

Upgrade of AP1200 to IOS failed

After upgrading th AP1200 to IOS with the conversion image the unit fails to start, when conencting a terminal to the consoleport you got this message:Testing DRAM...(press <esc> to bypass)DRAM OKPower-on reset.Copyright 1996-2000 Cisco Systems, Inc....

Interpreting the Carrier test on a 350 Bridge

What are acceptable values for the "Carrier Busy" and "Noise Value" when performing the carrier test on a 350 bridge?For Carrier Busy, I'm getting 10% max across all channelsFor Noise Value, I'm getting -83dBm max across all channels

mbanenas by Beginner
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Ciscoworks2000 and Aironet VxWorks

I have 1200 series access points running VxWorks 12.03T. I have the LAN version of Ciscoworks2000 (assume latest version). The ANI server in Ciscoworks discovers the APs but doesn't recognize them (they show up as unknown). Can the LAN version of ...

kentnoyes by Beginner
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