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AP 1562e WGB recommended WLC version

Hello!   What is the recommended WLC version in an scenario that currently has WLC 5508 and will add APs model 1562e to set up point to point links between sites? It will be operating as a WGB between sites.   Any help is appreciated!


Hello all we have CIsc 5520 in LAG mode on the controller - does it need port-channelling on the switch end? it goes to two different switches but the switches are in VSS mode (Cisco6800)

Deploy wIPS without cisco SME

Hi expert Base on datasheet, we need AP, WLC, Prime and MSE to depoy wIPS.https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/wireless/adaptive-wireless-ips-software/data_sheet_c78-501388.htmlMy question is, if we can deploy wIPS without using MSE? If ...

Resolved! 5508 WLC upgrade syntax

I'm having problems with the TFTP syntax when attempting to download code to WLC.  What is wrong with this?Here are screenshots of my TFTP server config and the WLC with error.   

tftp.PNG wlc.PNG
davinci by Beginner
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HA Failover when RP Disconnected

We have a customer with a pair of 5520 WLCs in HA SSO; these are connected using the redundancy ports, & have redundancy management interfaces configured on a shared VLAN. My expectation was that as long as there was IP connectivity between the redun...

2800 WAPs not reporting correct Serial Number

We use a 5508 WLC to manage our WAPs. We just started rolling out 2800 series APs after using 2600s and 2700s for years.In the past, the 2600s and 2700s would always relay the Chassis Serial Number back on a Show Inventory (or using the Inventory vie...

dark235 by Beginner
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Resolved! What is 802.11bn?

On my Cisco WLC 5500 series > Monitoring > Clients, I see a bunch of clients connected as 802.11g and 802.11bn.  I understand that 802.11g and 802.11b is 2.54Ghz band while 802.11n is 5.0Ghz, but what exactly does it mean when it tells me the client ...

Sean Devo by Beginner
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WLC authorisation logs

Hi, Im working currently with WLC 2504 running version I configure new SSID that working with RADIUS. I want to map user-id to IP on my firewall (Paloalto). I found few documents (https://live.paloaltonetworks.com/t5/Integration-Articles/...

voval by Beginner
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Resolved! Configuration of Cisco AP 9115

Hi,Following my understanding, Cisco AP 9115 can be configured using Mobility Express or a controller. What's the status concerning Mobility Express? Is it now available or still planned?If Mobility Express is not available, does it mean the AP can O...

gprintemps by Beginner
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