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We purchased new AP's 9120AXi and 9120AXE's. I used the cisco power consumption tool to determine if these AP's which are mgig capable will be able to work in our existing environment - we currently have 3560X and 3650 switches until we purchase the ...

JMCNEL by Level 4
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Planning to upgrade WLC from to checked sysinfo, I am seeing the Bootloader version as 1.0.20.Kindly let me know whether the bootloader version will create any issue.Also let me know how to upgrade the Bootloader version.

For secuirty purposes I have created ACL for new SSIDs and looks like it does not work correctly. is the interface of new SSID trying to get access to which are APPLE TVs  basically when I take off the ACL all is working, when I...

jguremka1 by Level 1
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This summer the IT department at my location rolled out a little more than 100 AIR-CAP3502I-A-K9's to much success. We have had an issue with only one AP. This paticular AP must have gotten unplugged during the updating process after the initial conn...

ConMiMente by Level 1
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Hi all- I am looking for a wireless bridge - to plug in a wired device and access the wireless network.  I would prefer a device that does EAP-TLS.  We have been using APs in workgroup-bridge mode, but I am hoping to reduce the complexity and price a...

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