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Resolved! Licensing on 5520

Hello Experts, As I am using old WLCs 2100 or 2500 series so I am not much aware about new WLCs licensing . My question is : Does 5520 wlc support same as 2504 wlc(need to buy adder license and then need to insall on WLC) ?or some other kind of licen...

Hi all, We are trying to set up some NIC throughput monitoring on the GigabitEthernet interface on our WLCs (8510s and 8540s), all running 8.3 code. My Dev team are saying they can't read the throughput as a pre-requisite for them is for there to be ...

Paccers by Level 1
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I have a project where I need to install an AP inside a freezer that goes down to -40°C. I was looking into the Aironets 1560, but that temperature is borderline. I've also thought about just placing an antenna in the freezer and the AP outside, but ...

Hi.I'm new to the this type of work and i need help.I have to configure a Cisco 5508 WLC and a Cisco ap air-lap1142n e k9 access point, and i can't find any usable information about how to do it.I have difficulties to understand how to connect the wl...

eherlex by Level 1
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Hi I use old AP to learn and practice wireless. but the AP1142 cannot join WLC 4400. From log message, we can see the certificate failed. Is it possible to update the certificate to get around this? Thank you

eigrpy by Level 4
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HI, I would like to buy ap 3502 for practice. I am not sure if how long it can be used because the another ap 1142 cannot join wlc due to its certificate failed. The info of 3502 EOS etc are listed below. Any experts can tell when the certificate wil...

eigrpy by Level 4
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Hello I have a WLC cisco  with 15 AP 1815i . I want "sotetel" website    as a home page    for guest wlan     after login and password   authentication  when a guest connects on the internetfirst, you have to authenticate, after he finds the home pag...

can the WLC be the gateway for the clients? -I have a centralized WLC for all branches and we use one SSID but with different vlans-now we have a limitation in creating more new VLANs in the core switch connecting WLC so if we can use the WLC as a ga...

Mahmoud by Level 1
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Hello everyone, I have connected three AP803 with a WLC3504.The AP mode is FlexConnect.I want to broadcast a Guest SSID over these APs.This works so far.In the WLAN settings I have activated "FlexConnect Local Switching" so that I can use the VLAN 30...

raffzwo by Level 1
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Hi,Now with the new configuration model for 9800 WLC I wonder which is the recommendation for "Site" definition. I was unable to find a document that clearly explains it. For a campus deployment for example, would a "site" be a building? the whole ca...

lecabral by Level 1
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Hi, we are using a virtual Cisco wireless controller: software version, with basic configuration. but our users facing the issue of disconnection and mostly are Apple Iphones 1. simple SSIDs with WPA2, AUTH PSK2. All Access points configure...

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