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Cisco AP 1832I - hardware or software failure

Hi guy’s,I have a problem with one of my access points (AIR-AP1832I-E-K9C).When the access points is booting, the access point going in error.On the console view get I a message from L2 error detection.Means this that there is a problem with de NIC o...

bwm218 by Beginner
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AP1131 can't connect to vWLAN Controller

Hello experts,  I am setting up a new vWLAN Controller version  with AP1131AG access points.The controller address is  the 2811 router is configured asip dhcp pool APnetwork

5520 v8.5 wireless client to wired network broadcast - GE patient monitoring not connecting over wifi

Hi , any pointers appreciated.   GE patient monitors (Carescape B450)           -  use broadcast/unicasr from Monitor to Host and back   (GE monitor has static IP and has server IP defined) (units do not support multi c)   GE monitor – network attach...

client wirless get

Problem   i have network managmnet for acces point and network /24 for client wirless Problem client wirless and accces point get the same network !!   So how i can allow client wirless get and not  in...

Mounting an AP off an I-Beam.

I have a few questions to see if anyone has suggestions or more info. I've always been told to not mount an AP to an I-Beam as it messes with the signal. Now, we have a new warehouse being built and the entire ceiling structure is I-Beams.    So, How...

Resolved! SRE for NME-AIR-WLC6-K9 Wireless LAN Controller

1) Does a NME-AIR-WLC6-K9  work with a Cisco 2911/k9 router 2) Would a used one include the SRE?3) If not, can the SRE be purchased separately -what is the part number?4) I want to add 1-2 access points (AIR-CAP3702i) to my home network - would I be ...

tnayak by Beginner
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Resolved! Prime 3.5 - 3702 AP - antenna name

Running Prime Infrastructure 3.5.  Under Unified AP (Inventory/Device Type), I have one 3702 AP listed as a Cisco 1040 Series AP.  After looking in several places, the Antena Name is Internal-1040-5.0GHz for this AP.  The model is listed as AIR-CAP37...

sbrock by Beginner
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AP 2702i EOL questions

We have a lot of 2702i APs in our environment. According to the below notice they are EOL soon. But what does it mean in reality? Can i run them 4 years more without any issues, or should i change them to 2802i? I understand that I will not be able t...

robo0003c by Beginner
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Cisco WLC 5520 not able to ping

I am not much experienced with WLC but I was deploying two 5520 WLCs and ran into this issue. These both are connected to a Nexus 9k, I have configured Management Port to have with vlan tag 3 and made switchport an access port with acces...

arash brar by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.x and JAVA

Dear All, is it correct hat Cisco Prime Infrastructure does no longer have a JAVA Server included (as had been the case with its predecessor LMS Prime) ? It should all be HTML5-based, right ? Thanks and best regards, Thorsten  

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