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Cisco prime Infra license

Hello Experts, I have few questions regrading PI 2.2 licensing: whenever I order 100 or 200 life cycle license(L-P12X-LF-N-100) of Cisco PIthen I also get 1. R-P12X-N-k9 - what it means and for what its used ? 2. L-PILMS42A-100 and L.PILMS42-KIT. Wh...

ittechk4u1 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! WLC Date and Time lost after reset

Hello Pros, I have a problem with one WLC 2504 running The equipment is working fine, but after a hard reset i lost date and time, no other configurations are lost. I have no NTP Server on my network because i have a RV130 and a SG300 an...

rponte by Beginner
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Resolved! WLC 5520 HA Setup Proble

Hi, I need help to get a HA SSO setup running.I try to setup HA with SSO with 2x WLC 5520 version (RTU Evaluation License by now) - Network Connection beween the WLC5520: LAG with a tagged vlan. (because of design Guide topology seems to b...

No GUI on the WLC2504

Hi How come that I cannot access the GUI on the 2504 all of a sudden, through any of the ports. I just configured the box a bit wih SSID and IP Addresses. thanks

Prime reports inventory switch names

I'm sure, in Prime 1.1 inventory reports it used to give the name of the switch that the AP was connected to. Now, the report inventory offers no such thing. How do I get Prime Reports to give me an inventory of our AP and the switch port they are ...

Resolved! WLC Bandwidth Shaping

Hi, I don't understand the differences between limiting the data rates on a per-user basis, versus limiting the data rates on a per-SSID basis. Could someone please provide me some practical examples to help me to clarify ? On a per-SSID basis scena...

Dr Why by Beginner
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Cisco Aironet 1852

Hi All,   I have a customer who want to use a 1852 AP w/ Mobility Express as a bridge and also have the  700 AP be compatible with the 1852.  Would they have to have the 1852 w/o the mobility express in order to accomplish this?

yalmatra by Cisco Employee
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Anchor mobility with SSO

Hi, i have a setup of 4 8540 WLCs , their are devided into 2 pairs in SSO HA , one is locate in the LAN and the other one is in the DMZ. the DMZ pair is set as the Anchor controller. we did switchover test today, and when we did a failover in the L...

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