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I have a Cisco 1815 that was purchased not too long ago and originally it was joined to a WLC 2504 controller. However, now I want to move it to a different site and want to convert it back to Mobility Express controller. I have followed a few guides...

I don't see that CSCvi09153 is fixed in any upcoming build of 8.3 or 8.5. We have.a flex deployment of about 5,000 APs running 8.3 MR4 where we're seeing this and current workaround is to just reset radios every morning.   If we could get this added...

jasonm002 by Level 1
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Is there any documentation or experience for scalability of Web Auth pass-through scalability?    I am looking for any real world type information as to the upper limits of users, APs or auth-transactions that may degrade the web-auth process in the ...

pematthe by Level 1
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Hi all,A wlc 5508 after a power failure due to enviroment reasons and a faulty ups is now starting always on the auto install mode. After doing the autoinstall procedure says that the config is saved, reloads but when is back it is says the config is...

smartns04 by Level 1
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Hello fellow forum users! I hope everyone is doing well. I have been cleaning my house and I have come across a Cisco Aironet Air-AP 1232. I was wondering if this AP would be worth keeping to learn how to configure more modern Cisco access points? Or...

sweller by Level 1
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Hi, I have few APs which about one year before I was able to manage from the web interface. Now I couldn't authenticate in GUI using (401 Authentication error). My first thought was if I have forgotten the password, then I reset the IOS to defaults a...

amh4y0001 by Level 3
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I am currently running a Dual WAN VPN BLDG 1 has cable modem and Verizon FIOS service BLDG 2 same configuration. I setup my Cisco RV320 with a tunnel and a backup tunnel. When I disconnect from WAN1 (or WAN2) it takes about 30 seconds to reacquire th...

Peterg95 by Level 1
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Friends I have a mesh network with approximately 50 APs, but when an AP becomes unavailable due to the link, for some reason it is joining another controller, even without the "High Availability" option being enabled.The only common point is the Loca...

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Hi All,   Good day!   I would like to ask for your expertise regarding peer2peer blocking. We are currently running version on 5508 WLC. peer2peer blocking is enabled on WLAN but wireless client on the same WLAN can still ping each other. W...

rgmamaril by Level 1
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Dear Experts,     I have a problem integration with Palo Alto, Kindly check the case if you can help me. https://supportforums.cisco.com/t5/getting-started-with-wireless/cisco-wlc-3504-integrate-with-palo-alto-firewall/m-p/3408103#M100539   I have op...

MOsama by Level 1
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