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Hi All , (Hope i'm in the right forum, and if not, please move it to the right one) We are now trying to install cisco StarOS on a VM [which i think called "dvpc-di"]  We read the administration guide , and we didn't understand anything . How do I c...

Ron Baduach by Cisco Employee
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hi experts, is it possible to connect a ring of ASR903 using the RSPs over the same subnet as in the attached image. each management port on each RSP will have its own IP address. is it possible to switch traffic between RSPs??? appreciate you supp...

Dears    when enable access-group and service policy in the interface, how to process it ?  who has higher priority ?   for example: interface Bundle-Ether4 service-policy input test service-policy output test ipv4 address x.x.x.x ipv...

wgd by Beginner
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Using the command "show drops all ongoing location [LOCATION]", we are seeing hundreds of thousands of Netio drops for multiple interfaces between the command being run approximately 30 seconds apart.  From my understanding, Netio is effectively soft...

Hi community, I need your help to the next case, I try to establish a Pseudowire between an ASR902 and ASR9000.   In the ASR we configure the MTU in bridge-domian to 9216, but in ASR902 the maximum MTU in the VFI is 9180. The Pseudowire is DOWN for ...

IEC1233788 by Beginner
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