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Hello , I have a RR in the network and I want it to send all of the available paths to the Clients ,in order to do that, I have enabled the add-path feature on the RR as follow: router bgp xxxbgp router-id ipv4 unicastadditi...

fbekhit by Beginner
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Where can I find technical data, ie maximum IPv4 & IPv6 routes, MPLS labels, etc.   This doesn't give me much https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/routers/network-convergence-system-500-series-routers/datasheet-c78-740296.html Any help i...

PK99 by Beginner
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Hello I have a question about configuring p2p l2vpn (pseudo-wire) betweein two NCS540. Simpified schema is like this: Simpified schema is like this:Client_2(

Hello everyoneWhen I want to add more IP addresses to object-groups which are used in ACLs I receive the below error and I can not add more IP address to my object-group pfilter_ea[292]: %PKT_INFRA-FEA_DLL-3-TCAM_ERR : TCAM create region error: 'prm_...

behzadho by Beginner
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Hi everyone,I hope you can help me figure out this, I've been going at it for a couple days with, little results. The scenario is an EVPL one. We have a gigabit ethernet interface where a maximum of 10 vlans can be configured on, each of these vlans ...

ThomasD86 by Beginner
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anyone using it ? Followed the guide fromhttps://github.com/ios-xr/bgpfs2acl A bit confusing especially i have almost no knowledge on docker commands. Managed to clear step 2. At step 3, when running "source run_container.sh"It seems like the docker ...

kinwai by Beginner
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Can an ASR9K work with two modules of different version?for exemple I Have ##################NODE power-module 0/PM0/SP 2kW DC Power ModuleMAIN: board type 0xf0038aS/N: DTM173103UETop Assy. Number: 341-00400-02PID: PWR-2KW-DC-V2HwRev (UDI_VID): V01Ch...