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Hello,I am checking upgrade documentation for IOS XR 7.3.2. I found that for some versions the bridge SMU CSCvw57276 is necessary before upgrading. So this means I need one additional step if this SMU is not yet installed. Is this also necessary (and...

mw79 by Beginner
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Hi,today we were performing some tests in our lab to verify that l2protocols such as LACP,STP,CDP were being forwarded to the end of a circuit. For this purpose we set up two ASR 9906 equipped with a A9K-RSP5-SE RSP and a  A9K-24X10GE-1G-SE line card...

ThomasD86 by Beginner
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Hi allI wonder if IOS XR route-policy has match statement for interfaces like route-map in regular IOS. route-map TEST permit 10match interface loopback0 IOS XR:route-policy TEST if interface LOOPBACK0pass I know that we can match based on the IP add...

seek_1992 by Beginner
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Cannot create Golden ISO for ASR9k XR I am trying to create golden ISO image for ASR9k but I am failing every time.The working directory:test@ubuntuserverbl:~/gisobuild$test@ubuntuserverbl:~/gisobuild$ pwd/home/test/gisobuildtest@ubuntuserverbl:~/gis...

BostjanLa by Beginner
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