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Resolved! ASR9K SNMP OID Changes

Hi all.We monitor an ASR9K BFD and ISIS status using snmp. The issue is that each time the BFD or ISIS session drops and comes up, then the OID changes.For BFD we use the ciscoBfdSessEntry, and for ISIS we use the isisISAdjState.This is the snmp conf...

IBEngTeam by Beginner
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ASR9000 BGP issues

Hi All.We have two ASR9K Version 6.4.2, configured with bgp and bfd.Sometimes the bgp session drops with the following errors:Router 1:RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:2022 Aug 1 13:55:42.742 IDT: tcp[467]: %IP-TCP_NSR-5-DISABLED : <->

IBEngTeam by Beginner
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Resolved! EVPN L2 All-Active Multihomed Service E-LAN NOT LOAD BALANCING

I'm labing a topology from the cisco xrdocs.io website.  I have completed the lab and I have connectivity. However I don't have full load balance between H-5 and  H-1. It is like single active mode,   but it is configured for all active. I followed t...

RSP880 vs RSP880-LT

Hi!   Could you please point me to document which describes differences between 880 RSPs? TR vs SE are pretty clear, but I confused a bit with LT version. Seems it is newer than TR/SE, but seems it lacks some features/options. Usually BRKARC-2003 ans...

Resolved! EVPN Convergence time in a Multihome setup is about 20 seconds. 2 slow

EVPN Convergence time in a Multi home setup is about 20 seconds. It's too slow.I have one CE  connected to two PE1 and PE1.PE1 and PE1 are connected to the MPLS core. From MPLS core there is another PE3. I'm running an 10G RFCtest between the Custome...

Resolved! IOS XR Upgrade ERROR: Failed to install hostos rpm asr9k-sysadmin-host

I tried to upgrade our ASR 9904 RSP5 system from 6.6.3 to 7.5.2(64-bit)According to Cisco´s Upgrade Procedure I installed the following      Upgrade Mandatory IOS XR  6.6.3 SMUs                      asr9k-x64-6.6.3.CSCvr47102.tar    done from XR VM  ...

Resolved! failed upgrade ASR 9001

hi all,we tried to Update a ASR9001,but gives an error; could you please advise what we probably need to do ?here output from how we tried to install new IOS install add disk1:ASR9K-iosxr-px-k9-6.7.1.tar activatecontinue:RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:r101(admin)#in...

Resolved! NCS540 - DHCPv6 prefix delegation

Hello everyone,does anyone have a working DHCPv6 prefix delegation configuration for a NCS540 working? specifically with /64 based unicast address prefixes?When i drop into the pool ipv6 configuration like so: pool vrf default ipv6 POOL-DHCP-IPV6-DEL...

tanpolat by Beginner
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ERSPAN on NCS 540 XR6.3

Has anybody been able to get ERSPAN running on NCS 540 with XR6.3? I am trying to look at traffic coming in from a TenGig interface and I am getting:   Tue Nov 27 16:42:14.827 UTC!! SEMANTIC ERRORS: This configuration was rejected by!! the system due...