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Resolved! Removing Warning message and auto hangup the call from CUC 12.5 server

I setup Maximum Message Length under the user message settings up to 5 seconds, and I disabled greetings from user 'standard' settings under greetings menu. when I tried to dial user number and its passing to voicemail extension and can hear the beep...

Resolved! IMP 12.5 EXTERNAL FILE SERVER - Public KEY Doesn´t FIT IN

Hello Everyone, I'm out of ideas with this, I've followed the Cisco guide for MFT, the problem is when I want to add the File Server's public key into the IMP server, but the External File Server Public Key field does not seems to take all the public...

Resolved! Jabber: Internal Service Discovery fails after adding phone security profile and voice service domain.

Hy there,we try to "disable" TCP over MRA, thats why we added a phone security profile to CSF phone. That means the PSP is encrypted, tls and port 5061 (because Expressways will just have TLS 5061 active).Also adding the  subdomain as ...

Resolved! No incoming call window Cisco Jabber

Hello,I cannot see the incoming call window (answer/decline).I can hear the music that the call is present but cannot answer is as there is now window for it.Additionally, In the settings after going to notifications settings the app is closing itsel...

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Is there a way to increase playback speed for the Webex .arf recorder?

There is a lot of dead space is some of our Webex recordings and I'd like to speed up the playback.  Is there any way to do this?Thanks.Message was edited on June 5, 2013: Kelli Glass, Cisco Collaboration Community moderator, added community categori...

Resolved! Jabber logins

Hello,Is it possible to find the jabber logins of an end user?I found the following here but this queryun sql select e.userid, cd.timelastaccess...