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        This community is for questions about using Contact Center developer functions.
See the Contact Center Knowledge Base for answers to some common questions.
For production deployment issues, please contact the Cisco TAC.
For direct help with developer issues, please open a ticket with DevNet Developer Support.
Developer ticket support for Contact Center is only available for Finesse and Task Routing.

Forum Posts

Service Level Summary Totals

I have created a Call Type Real time report for 'today' only as in CallsOfferedToday, CallsHandledToday, CallsAbandonedToday, and ServiceLevelToday.Whilst it is easy to sum the offered, handled & abandoned, I cannot not seem to create a service level...

sarbarnes by Enthusiast
  • 7 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes

CUIC reporting

Does anyone know if tempates for CUIC 9.01 are any different to CUIC 9.0.2? I had reports running, but after uprgading our UCCX to 9.0.2 , the report template are still there, however, but no information is retrieved (ie in agent report - the list of...

e-pudge by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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Resolved! Summarising Many Call Types into 1 line summary in Real Time & Historical reports

Can any one help I have 2 customers both if which have similar needs.They have 100s of call types as they take call from many different businesses. They want to be able to summarise those call types into one line so that they can report for example o...

sarbarnes by Enthusiast
  • 7 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes

Dynamic Menus w/ Dynamic Exit States

Does anyone have a JAR that they could send me that allows for Dynamic Menus W/ Dynamic Exit states? I've tried to do it in Studio w/o a JAR and it is messy and I'm not even sure that it will work. If anyone has a JAR that they could send me, I shoul...

Resolved! WrapupData Report

I am trying to create a Wrapup Data report from TCD, at the moment I have it just showing with all the WrapupData in the one column so it looks like this  Agent Name           WrapupDataSarah Barnes         No Sale                             Repeat ...

sarbarnes by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes

Socialminer customer chat notifications

Hi,Does socialminer support notifications such as tab flashing for the customers to see a new incoming chat message?For example:Customer has a enquiry and starts the chatAgent needs to lookup the answerCustomer starts browsing another websiteAgent re...

Phone Gadget Problems as Tab Level Gadget

dlender Do you know why the Cisco Phone Gadget does not always work in Firefox when loaded as a tab level gadget? It works fine as a page level gadget and fine in IE as either. What we are seeing is that it does not properly resize the gadget when cl...

kpickard by Contributor
  • 1 replies
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Resolved! Topic: Is it possible to call Custom Action Element Java Class on the Hot Event to pass the Hotevent Alerts to other system as an error tracking.

While I am doing this login implemented in CVP and testing call flow it is throwing me an error as given below.  Kindly advise where I am doing the mistake.,07/09/2014 12:06:18.876, The error was: 'CVPActionSNMP...

Anil Kumar by Beginner
  • 6 replies
  • 1 Helpful votes

Resolved! Copy View from a Stock Report

Is there a way to copy a view from one report to another?  I created a copy of a stock report definition and made some modifications to a few fields.  Now I need to create a new report to use the new report definition, but when it creates the intial ...

dchumbley by Beginner
  • 2 replies
  • 0 Helpful votes
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