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Hi, The Footer formula in CUIC CallType Historical all Field Report is not correct. If I have 5 calltype ,   say CallType 1, CallType 2, CallType3, CallType 4 and CallType 5. The Individual summary works great, but the Overall Footer Summary Calculat...

Hello,Is it possible to create two separate workflow screenpops per call?In the Finesse Administration under Workflows/Actions, there's a drop-down "Handled by" and we select the Other option. Is it possible to add additional Other to this list?Thank...

Hello,I'm using CUIC 10.5 (the bundled CCX Reporting version) and want to schedule reports to run every 4 weeks.That bit is simple, however, these reports need to pull back data for our own date periods which run 4 weekly.  This means that every 4 we...

My company uses finesse for two call centers. We have an intranet site for our admins where we have useful tools and information. I am wanting to put a page on our admin intranet site with some stats on Finesse. I am looking to start really simple. I...

Hey,I would like to combine metrics gathered by both SGs and SGs.CallsOffered (from any table) and AHT,TalkTime,ReservedStateTime and so on.. (preferrable from the Agent_Skill_Group_Interval table)But I really can´t find any ID i can combine them bet...

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