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vwic3-1mft-t1e1-e1 - Port stay Down, Alarm LED stay amber fix

Hi Guys,I'm currently on a customer site to migrating from classic telephony to ToIP. I have a 2901 router (MGCP), with two vwic3-amft-t1/e1 card. The provider give me two E1, one with 30 channels and the other with15 channels.I'm testing with the 30...

Resolved! CUCM 8.5 Auto-Reg after DRS

Hi all,I have never tried auto-registration before and today I got 2 x phones to register and pickup DNs, but they have no dial tone and cannot call.Should auto registered phones be able to call each other with bogus DNs?I am asking because I have to...

paulf by Beginner
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Troubleshooting MPLS & SCCP

Hello friends, I write this time because I have a trouble with a service provider cloud. I have an Office with VoIP solution connected through a service provider cloud (who uses Juniper routers). This cloud have been configured with MPLS and is conne...

Resolved! POE IP Phones

Hi All,     I have few clarifications on POE, Actually cisco switches will send discovery signal to detected whether powered devices is connected or not.     1. Discover signal refers FLP here?      2. Incase of Inline CDP use to determine actual pow...

1 month UCSS license

Recently I have wrongly order Attendant Console 8.x, in which what I need should be AC 9As I know, within 90 days, I can still purchase back the UCSS right. But I would like to check whether I can just buy 1 month UCSS right for just upgrade immediat...