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Hye friendsI am using CCM 6 and UCCX 7. i am facing one problem in my call center that when any one calls me from outside on my call center, the CLI comes with zero for example the person number is 66405404 so this number comes like that on my CLI 06...

A client request to configure silent monitoring, the documentation states:The call monitoring and call recording features impose requirements upon the following areas: •CTI/JTAPI/TSP •Call processing •Cisco Unified Communications Manager Admini...

This is a new install. I have an MGCP gateway that I can't make inbound or outbound calls on. The gateway is configured to look at the significant digits as 4 and it also prefixes 704 to the front of the number. The phone ext is 704XXXX. I can see t...

dvanzee by Explorer
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Hello,i am running a ccme and there are working call restrictions configured.I want to add an extension so that when i type 918 and 1 and the phone number of an office it will route the call to the office gateway (in another gateway) i typed the foll...

kolawole1 by Beginner
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Hello,I have the following configuration:Asterisk<--(SIP with G711 codec)-->Cisco 2811(ipvoice IOS)<--H323 with g729r8 codec)-->VOIP ProviderI am calling from Asterisk to VOIP Provider. Cisco 2811nm act as SIP/H323 gateway and as G711/G729 transcoder...

jouk by Beginner
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I looking at changing my Translation patterns to complete a project. Right now, I'm using *991 that translates to 77795969 which route the call off a gateway (7779 is the gateway access code). the projec calls for over 500 new numbers to be translatt...

hi,I use IOS 12.4.22(T1) , when we reboot the GW , the "associate application SCCP" in dspfarm profile is missing and have to re-enter the command manually ?Any idea from CISCO TAC/CCIE to solve this? as sometimes GW take a hit and we can't monitor a...

ivan.plov by Beginner
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Hi We have call manager 5.1, just recently we can't make any conferenc calls. A error appears stating "No Conferencing Bridge” We have tried to create another software conference bridge, but Call Manager will not allow us. All help will be appreiat...