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DialPeer question

Hello folks I have some issues with dial-peersI have a 2811 running MGCP as the primary protocol and is registered to CCM 6.1(2).for emergency calls, we are routing the calls through 2 local FXO ports, the ports show as registered in CCM, however in ...

SNMP Polling of Active PRI channels

Does anybody know the OID or how I I can SNMP poll my CCM (4.1.3) to collect active PRI channels on my gatways?Since I'm MGCP I figured I need to poll at the CCM and not the Gateway(s)I've skimmed over the CISOC-CCM-MIB and saw nothing.

kkelly by Beginner
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Outdial MPE

Hi I have a cisco Meeting Place Express version Version:, and I Configured the outdial. I enable the H.323 and I set the following parameter:E.164 address: 9000H.323 ID : MPEH.323 Number Type : UnknownLocal H.323 port: 1720Use gatekeeper: No...

Phone "missing" DST. (7970)

I have one phone, a 7970 that does not seem to want to keep up with daylight savings time. The firmware load and device pool seem to be identical to other phones that are registering the proper date and time. Can anyone think of a reason that this ...

slongewa by Beginner
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Resolved! Unity Caller Input

Using Unity 4.2We have a Call Handler set to answer an 800 number and the Caller Input is set to allow callers to dial an extension during greeting. If they enter an invalid extension, how do I control where the call goes? Is this possible? Currently...

bbtekgraf by Beginner
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