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Dear Seniors.This is regd call park. when i retrive a call after parking, it is getting delayed for 4 - 6 seconds for retriving it.After dialing the call park number, it takes 4-6 seconds to retrieve the call. What could be reason. where to check, wh...

esa786_2 by Beginner
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Hi Probably a really stupid question but....I have CME everything is working fine however all incoming calls are showing up as unknown number. I have searched on google but all I could find was to use the caller-id enable command on the voice ports h...

Dear allI have PBX system and a router with 16 FXS port. the PBX connects to router via E1 CAS and fxo-loop-start signal.The PBX guy told me that he has defined 16 extension on E1 link.So I want to hear PBX dail tone on my FXS phones.the sesond issue...

miskoolak by Beginner
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Resolved! JTAPI and makecall

I have installed the CiscoJTAPIClient.exe and I try to excecute makecall but an error occurs :Address 201 is not in provider's domain.But in callmanager, the phone 201 is registered and it can call other phones.Have you a solution for me?Sorry for my...

Flexcom99 by Beginner
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