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I'm trying to setup and compliance template to check and deploy a configuration change based upon the following criteriaAll Switches, any fastethernet interface with a interface description containing the string "bmg" should have the command no snmp ...

Hi all,I noticed in LMS 4.0 that if I login with the admin user create during installation i can view the button of Help in the taskbar while if I login with another administrator user created after this button disappear. How it's possible? Where in ...

m.arienti by Level 1
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Hi,I am not able archive config for Nexus 5020 switches using SSH. I have already change TuneSleepMillis to 500 and applied the workaorund for bug CSCte98853 .CSCte98853 Bug Details      RME cannot archive configs for NEXUS 5000 and 7000 devicesSympt...

shyams by Level 1
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Hi,cisco WS-C3560-24PS (PowerPC405) processor (revision M0) with 118784K/12280K bytes of memory.How much RAM is the above telling me I have?The image I want to install has minimum memoty requirments of DRAM 128MB.Thanks, Pat.Also,I'm going to be upgr...

I have been having a series of issues with CiscoWorks.  Seems like some services do not start up and I have tried numerous fixes to get them to work properly.  I am wondering if one main problem can be that CiscoWorks is installed on a Cistrix VM.Her...

Dear,As documented by Cisco, We installed LMS4.0 on a Windows 2008 R2 server after downloading and installing the necessary patch(we found on

janvandek by Level 1
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Hi all,I have installed lms 4.0 on a windows 2008 R2 server with the 2008 R2-Patch. The installation was a horror trip. After that, the LMS background processes are all shown as "never started" and I have to start them manually which will take a long...

hkupper by Level 1
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Hi to everyone!I have ciscoworks with LMS 3.2.I need to set up a screen where i can view the topology of my network. I want that the user connected to this PC on the Ciscoworks can view only the map of the network without the possibility of doing som...

frafrafra by Level 1
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Hi,I want to get, using the LMS, the information when have a problem or other message in a diagnostic event (similar a show diagnostic events in Cisco 6500); sending to me an e-mail.I am trying with an automated actions of syslog, but i had showed th...