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How can I do this?

Hi,I manage a network with has a lot of VLAN's at the head-office and remote-sites.Recently people complains about the performance of the network. But when I talk a look at the network, everything seems ok.Now I'm thinking of configuring a RTR/SAA ro...

Polling interval

I have Cisco LMS 2.2 Is it possible to have different polling interval for different Cisco device group ? for example:10 min for Routers group2 min for LAN switches group What is the WAN bandwidth that the polling traffic consume ? RegardsMohamed Abd...

moabdallah by Beginner
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Resolved! remote desktop and java

I connect to a ciscoworks management via microsoft remote desktop (rdp). When I start ciscoworks via this connection, ciscoworks stops loading with the java check. Therefore, I cannot login. Starting ciscoworks localy, everything is fine.Remark: RDP ...

reinke by Beginner
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HSE(1.8) cannot discover CSS(7.4)

I manually added the CSS in the HSE device manager with exact IP address, community name and telnet user/password but the status "Undiscovered". I can ping to CSS at the Diagnostic connectivity and SNMP. - HSE 1.8 - CSS11503 7.4 w/VIP redundancy Than...

cjrchoi11 by Beginner
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Campus manager Topology Views

Hi,In campus manager you can arrange your views and save it for a specific user . But each user has to do it for himself , which is not so efficient .Is it possible to save the layout for all users ? Or copy the files ?

wim_depauw by Beginner
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Hi All, I have installed ciscoworks2000 4th edition , i hv 6500,6006 , 4006 and 2950 switches in my network. ii hv installed campus manger version 3.1, but in topology view, not able to view 2950, as 2950 box is coming with ?, is there any patch th...

ciscobuddy by Beginner
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Real time stats parameters

Greetings!I don't know whether I'm on right forum or not as I'mnewbie to NMS.I want to know which are the parameters in NMS for which real time statistics can be shownMy NMS manages a switch and currently we have collection RT stats for bytes in, out...

ana_joshi by Beginner
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Problem Using NBAR

Hi,I´ve some problems with the NBAR, I´ve configured the Ubr7000 with this commandsclass-map match-any fileshare match protocol fasttrack file-transfer "*" policy-map block class fileshare drop interface Fastethernet0/0 service-policy input block ser...

ADSL traffic measure

Hi All,I have a c7206 router with an ATM interface. I provide ADSL connection to customers.Is there any easy way to measure their traffic by login name from our router?So I have to create statistics about in/out bytes (or Mbytes) per customer.The use...

horvaia by Beginner
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Need help

With switch 2950 CatalystQ1. Can we use a single port in different VLAN ?Q2. How can we communicate different network(, , with router 1750 tell me in commands

ccnamonsun by Beginner
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C6509: check port utilization.

Hello,We have a C6509 (OS 8.2(2)) with a newly installed sup2 mod (x6k-sup2-2ge) and one newly installed gig-e mod (x6148-ge-tx). (note: all of our other mods are 10/100 x6348-rj-45).We'd like to determine which ports on the 10/100 blades are being h...

nizan1342 by Beginner
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