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NO ring

Folks, Tochiba Decade PBX fxs port conneted to a 2610xm cisco router on an FXO port.The router is connected to WAN. On the other end we have 1751V with FXS ports. The problem is that remote users connected to FXS port do not hear a RING when th...

Resolved! Modifying the behavior of what Unity considers a "Trivial" Password

I was working with a consultant the other day who brought up something the competition does, and I am now plagued with curiousity on whether or not I can do this on Unity. There's a $5 bet on the line with a collegue, so I'm hoping lindborg, kechamb...

Same # on 2 Pots lines

Folks, Is it possible for the telco to offer the same phone number coming out of 2 POTS lines, so that if the first one is busy, it automatically gets routed off the second POTS line.We have a POTS line coming in to out call manager, the proble...

MSMWorker.exe using 100% cpu

I have a Unity 4.0.3 serer that is runnig very slow, I looked in the processes and found two instances of MSMWorker.exe. I did a search on the system for this file and found it c:\commserver\utlities\messagestoremanager. Does anyone know what this is...

mdallum by Beginner
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EM AutoLogout Question

We have several users that occasionally work from home so we configured Extension Mobility so they can login at home. In addition, we configured the auto logout feature for a really long period because I don't know what happens when the timer expire...

sgamer by Beginner
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