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Express messaging option?

Does Unity have an Express Messaging Option (similar to Meridian Mail) without having to implement a large number of call handlers? This features was a separate access number into the voice mail system that provided a quick way for assistants to for...

chelget by Beginner
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7905 SIP

Found an old 7905 that my company had laying around and it apparently was setup for SIP.  Problem was, it kept asking for the phone load.  I manually pushed the load from my laptop to the phone just fine.  My next problem is, when I enter the phone i...

Resolved! Publisher hardware failure, can the sub take over for the pub?

CM exprienced a hardware failure due to a power interruption. Can the Subscriber take the Publisher role? Currently unable to send or receive outside calls only local calling is working. I am trying to get calling to work while ...

Resolved! Backup of CUBAC using VMWare

HiI have 1 CUBAC (8.6) on a virtualized windows 2k8 (on VMWare).There is never any configuration changes done.Is there anything wrong with making an OVA of the whole virtualized machine and use this as a backup or does that introduce any problems (ra...

Cisco Webex Social default admin is not a Community Admin after a clean install

After following the Cisco Webex Social installation guide for 3.0, the default admin:test@your_company.comtestis not an admin on the system. Consequently Account Settings link does not work and WebexSocial returns an error You do not have the require...

Softare support

When I e-mail tac@cisco.com requesting support for softare like Prime Infrastructure 1.2 or Application Networking Manager, I got an e-mail with somehting like "A serial number is required to process your request for hardware replacement or support. ...

mma by Beginner
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All,Will SAN/UCC certs work for the DMM, SNS, MXE & TCS?  I am pretty sure the TCS will accept a SAN since IIS supports them.  From what I have seen so far on the DMM & SNS they only seem to check the 'Subject' field for the CN, not the 'Subject Alte...