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Hello, does Cisco Business Edition 7000M comes with Vmware esxi pre-installed license?In cisco commerce portal its shows - NO VMware licenseVIRT-LIC-NONEin Ordering guide , there is note that embedded license will not come, then how can I add vmware ...

I have a codec plus where my camera control is not saving my default. On camera control I have saved my default to Group but it keeps defaulting to Manual. The way I saved it is on the backend under Cameras> SpeakerTrack >DefaultBehavior > BestOvervi...

WALDO99 by Level 1
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I have an Expressway-C cluster of two servers for MRA, running version X14.0.3The subordinate server is giving a warning. Application failed: An unexpected software error was detected in smartlicenseget[8714]: unknown reason It appears related to Sma...

Bill by Level 1
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I'm currently working on setting up a SIP trunk between a Cisco CUBE and an Avaya IP Office. However, I've encountered some issues during the configuration process. Has anyone else faced similar challenges, and if so, could you offer any advice or so...

norafateh by Level 1
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