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HI,Can anyone help me how to cofigure AIR-CAP2602I-E-K9 Version 15.2(2)JBI am struggling to get into configure mode like we do in normal cisco devices. I can understand it is bit different in this version.i think wee need to use capwap & lwappCan any...

Hello,Please find the attached topology.I met with an strange situation and i need help from you experts,i have 2 core and N7K in vPC+ and below that N5K also in vPC+ connecting the fabric extenders on it, I have a connectivity to 6500 from N7K-1 wit...

                   While creating UCS VNIC, we define list of vlans and along with native vlan. Doubt:-The list of vlans which are selected while creating vnic has nothing to do with the vnic seen by the OS loaded on to the blade.The OS when it boots...

Hi!I doubted that there is no command "format" in N5K since i want to move a license file from my USB and when i plugged it, N5K didn't accept and keep said that i need to format my USB stick. But there is no "format" command. so, how can use this US...

zterilized by Beginner
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Given that there aren't many difference between the TM and TM-E Switches https://supportforums.cisco.com/thread/2210652 . Can someone confirm if the TM-E is a supported FEX switch with Nexus 7k M1 or M2 Line Cards. Also Curious if dual connected FEX ...

adrianoden by Beginner
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Hello guys,I am experiencing very strange problem. I have a few 1000Base-T SFPs plugged into M2 card. However, for some reason I am getting this:# show int ethernet 6/19 - 22 briefEth6/19       --      eth  routed down      Transceiver speed does no ...

I have two vNICs on a UCS ESXi host, with vNIC-A pinned to FI-A, and vNIC-B pinned to FI-B. Enable failover is checked for vNIC-A. From FI-A, I have two discreet uplinks, and vNIC-A is dynamically pinned to an uplink. Let's say vNIC-A is pinned to Up...

ksarin123 by Beginner
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