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Which interface does the Activer router use to send multicast messages to the backup router ?If HSRP is configured on the fastethernet does it only use that interface or will it use other interfaces connecting to the backup router as well ?

mistryj by Level 1
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Hi,In our core switches "Catalyst 6509" running in Hybrid mode CatOS 7.6.6 and IOS 12.1(20)E3, when issue this command "sh mls multicast" we get different answer in both switches:Switch1> (enable) sh mls multicastAdmin Status : EnabledOperation...

tmesbah by Level 1
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Hi,I wld like to configure PBR on the Catalyst 5500 with the following config:- source IP A will be routed to server X- source IP B will be routed to server Y- others will be routed to server ZIs the above config possible for PBR? If yes, how do I co...

lam_sf by Level 1
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I very curious about i received 8021.Q BPDU, I think that very simple architecture and no any loop and trunkI on Catalyst 6509 creat a vlan 15 then assign IP , An Catalyst 2950 24th port connecting the vlan 15 .I am very sure no any loop cause and t...

emily by Level 1
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