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Hello. I'm having an issue with routing when it comes to a non-vrf to vrf.   on router1 i can ping and traceroute using the VRF with no problems to the destination subnet. on router2 it will forward the traffic to router 1 but then just dies there.  ...

Hi All,Sure this is a simple one. New to the 1900 series routers, have a 1921 with IOS 15.1. Noticed that there is a standard interface labeled Embedded-Service-Engine0/0. Can anyone advise what the purpose of this is? Cannot seem to find any detail ...

Jason Nash by Level 1
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Hey everyone,  Just wanted to run this out there to get some additional opinions and see if I was missing anything: I am looking at possibly deploying OTV w/FHRP isolation (via ASR1ks) across two data centers and removing the stretched layer 2 fabr...

Hi,   I have a configuration I have previously used on ASA 5506 firewalls, which now no longer works (version 9.6).   I am trying to make one single host accessible to 7 other networks. Therefore, I configure all 8 interfaces with an IP, and create a...

I have an interesting issue. There is latency between a Cisco 2921 Router and its internal switch module installed in it, in my network. We have many of these 2921 routers but this one is the only one with this issue.   The way we set these up is, th...


i have question i am looking for this ios c3560-ipservicesk9-mz.150-2.SE1.bin do not have a services contract but also no longer supports

pcfreak49 by Level 1
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In a lab I was comparing Cisco's BGP implementation to some other vendors. If We have a customer with 2 locations (New York and Arizona), connected via a L3 IPVPN (MPLS service provider) we would be running BGP from the customer AS (at each location)...

Resolved! QoS and DMVPN

I have a hub-spoke model using DMVPN.  I have created a spoke QoS policy for each remote site to make sure that certain traffic gets prioritized over the tunnel back to the head-end router.  However, I am a little confused about what kind of policy I...

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