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Can someone please help me figure out why I can't ping from my Azure VM to any on-premises devices? I've added exclusions for ICMP in Windows Firewalls on both sides and can successfully ping from on-prem (i.e. to an Azure VM (i.e. 10.0...

mark.bell by Level 1
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We bought and ISR 4331 performance license and using PAK i converted it to .Lic file but while creating license file i entered wrong UDI, means one word was left in coping it, now when i apply this license it is showing error that UDI does not match....

amanverma by Level 1
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Hello. This is my first post to the Cisco Community. Please be gentle if I make any mistakes. I'm in dire straits and really hoping you all could be so kind as to share some of your knowledge with me. I recently started working for a municipal entity...

MPLS Network.jpg
ConfTim by Level 1
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Dears, I have a cisco 887 router and I have tested on two different DSL line. The first line it worked fine with while the other noe is not. both line on same exchange and establishing the ppp session with same BRAS. The debug seems that there Establ...

alshamlan by Level 1
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Hello,on top of our DMVPN config we have created an additional VRF on a Cisco 881 [15.4(3)M8] which is a second internet connection meant for voice services. Between the LAN VRF and the new additional voice VRF we`ve created a direct physical connect...

Webwalker by Level 1
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I have 3750E with c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-50.SE3 IOS. I have two redundant Links to different ISPs with equal Cost. G0/1 and G0/2, both are advertised in ospf within same area with equal cost. I have snmp enable traps and my snmp is connected in a ...

Hello,   I have a cisco 4331 router where I need to upgrade OS to higher version. Current version: #sh version Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 16.06.02 I have OS for version16.6.3 in the bootflash and have changed the boot marker but when I reload the...

Starfish by Level 1
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I am wondering how to block routes that get redistributed from EIGRP into BGP. I have a 3850 advertising local networks via EIGRP to a 4331 router (MPLS) and these are then redistributed into BGP so they can be routed across my MPLS circuit. The issu...

Team, This question is on license for the new Cisco 4xxx routers. How can I check is the CiscoONE license is installed on the router? When I do a show license it shows me below features: Index 1 Feature: appxk9Index 2 Feature: uck9Index 3 Feature: se...

Hi All,   I need some help please, we have a client with a telco PRI, the telco had a failure last week but has since resolved but ever since then when we make an outbound call, the call lasts for about 2-3 seconds and then shuts itself down(inbound ...

Hello all, I can't seem to get my pc to ping my web server. some help would be great! I attached a packet tracer file.