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Does anyone know where to download legacy IOS images such as a 12.0T train IP Plus for Cisco 2600, i.e., 12.0(3)T2 c2600-is-mz.12.0-3.T2Cisco Software Advisor displays several of these images but when you try to download they are not available. In f...

Dear Experts,   I recently setup two 3850 switches for different netwoks. In the configuration I setup SNMP for monitoring traffic throught specific interfaces. After many day of normal operation, my client, the owner of the switch and the network, c...

lacv2k by Level 1
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Hi, I am trying to configure glbp in 7200 routers with hsrp config in switches and replacing it with glbp. I am do it but its not working, can anyone help please, i am attaching diagram and config files.   Two routers with two diff ISP connected with...

Hi,   I am trying to understand the use of address-families in EIGRP v4 and v6. Till now what I've found is that EIGRP supports multiple protocols and can carry information about many different route types. Also named EIGRP configuration organizes sp...

nuggetinu by Level 1
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Hello dear colleagues,  Is there any way to configure "switchport vlan mapping default drop" on cisco 6800 interfaces? or any alternative solution for this case? my interface configuration is shown below:   interface TenGigabitEthernet7/28switchport ...