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Network Connectivity

I am able to see the physical connection remotely but am not able to ping. The link is green and can see when physical connection is disconnected from the websense or the switch. The connection is from the websense to the switch. Cannot logically con...

jamhar1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Spanning tree PVST vlan changes

Hello, When looking at the spanning-tree summary page, what does it mean when counters increment under the "Forwarding and STP active" column? For example for VLAN0005 and 0006, I saw that the counters increment by 1 over the weekend.  What does thi...

afsharki2 by Beginner
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Resolved! Configuring NM-1T3-E3 module on a 3845 Router

When I installed an NM-1T3-E3 module in a 3845 Router and did a sho ip interface brief or sho controllers, the module does't appear to be installed; however, upon booting up the router the following information shows: 345 0X000F6400 Clear/Fractional ...

skhirbash by Beginner
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DMVPN doesn't recover

Hi everybody, I have a topology with DMVPN Hub-&-Spoke (2 spokes). I try to check the recovery of the DMVPN by shutting down the physical interface of the Hub and "no-shut" it, but the DMVPN on one of my spokes (spoke 2) takes really long time to co...

ISP Resiliency

Hi All,   We are looking at setting up a DR data centre that will provide internet edge resiliency as follows:   1) If the primary site internet connection fails, inbound traffic will flow via the DR data centre and over the iBGP link to the primary ...

de1denta by Participant
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Getting drops on default class map

Hi, I have recently migrated from cisco 3845 to cisco 4431. I have a policy map configured to give priority to voice.Post migration i am seeing packet drops on the default class map. fyi, circuit BW is 40Mb. Policy Map Voice_mpls For Voice Class L3...

sridhar ch by Beginner
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L3 Switching

I was reading on L3 switching .  If I ping from to what happens if it is an L3 switch .I read it does ASIC switching .what are the advantages of using ASIC switching. I am of the opinion if I have an L3 switch as per the topology be...

SKYPE - Policy Based Routing.

Hi I have 3 Internet Links One of the link is a Satellite link and is never been used I wish to redirect "only SKYPE" traffic on the Satellite Link Users are connected on interface g0/1 Satellite internet is connected on g0/0 I am using a Cisco 2921...