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Resolved! 2610XM - Issue with SegV exception

Hi all,I have one issue with 2610XM which reload by itself. I checked the crashinfo file found the router was reloaded on 12:03. I'm wondering is it software bug issue or hardware problem. Thanks in advance for sharing any ideas . System returned to ...

Rojer-bkk by Beginner
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OSPF E1 path selection

Ospf  E1 route preference  via 2 mpls links.We have a MPLs connection via level 3 from India to US running OSPF,  recently we got second MPLS link from AT&T now since AT&T is running BGP over their cloud we asked them to run ospf on both the sides fa...

Dual WAN with NAT/PBR

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on getting this to workWe've got a Cisco 877W (Test) & 1841(prod) with two PPPOE/Dialer interfaces to two different ISP (NAT overloaded). We've tried the examples on both platforms and with 12.4 and 15.1. We hav...

robardill by Beginner
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Ripv1routing table

Hi i have two routers R1 and R2. Ripv1 is the routing protocol. What will be in my R2 routing table.R1 configurationFA0/0 - -  - configurationFA0/0 -  -

Resolved! Bandwidth Management - Best Way

I need to rephrase this question. Let's say we have 100Mbps WAN link to the ISP, we have CustomerAand then the rest of our Customers. We want CustomerA to have lower priority than everyone else overthe WAN links. What is the best way to configure thi...

Resolved! IP SLA problems

have this configip sla 1icmp-echo 1000threshold 2frequency 3ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time nowtrack 100 rtr 1 reachabilityip route "our-next-hop" track 100ip route Dialer0 254ip nat inside...

rasoftware by Beginner
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7600 XL IPv4 vs IPv6 prefix limit

How does everyone normally split 7600 RSP/SUP720-XL maximum routes between IPv4 and IPv6 these days?I usually do 700k and mls cef maximum-routes FIB TCAM maximum routes :=======================Current :-------- IPv4                - 700k M...

Resolved! QOS on cisco for limiting Youtube traffic

Hi Folks,We have a websense proxy. Till date youtube is blocked on the proxy. Now there is a requirement to allow youtube. Here is the question.The websense would send the traffic to the internet firewall which will send the traffic to the internet r...

khalas1979 by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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Access list help on router

Hello,From the remote VPN side (ASA into the VLAN 10 network (10.104.10.x) on this routers LAN works inbound on ports in the 123 access list, however I need to allow VLAN 10 on this router to go outbound to the the remote ASA VPN (10.100...

Andy White by Participant
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Resolved! 871 wan DHCP

I'm setting up a cisco 871 Router.I set the wan port to recieve a DHCP address from the ISP as follows:interface FastEthernet4 ip address dhcp client-id FastEthernet4Sorry for the stupid question, but, what do i need to put in this situation on my de...

Cisco 2600 ADSL Static IP Issue

I'm coming from a Cisco 837 with a static IP to a 2600 with a ADSL WIC. Same ISP, just moving to new equipmentI have debugging turned on, and get an IP and route from my ISP (AT&T) but when I try to use my static IP I do not get connectivity (and the...

Transparent DSL to Ethernet bridge using AAL5MUX

Hi,I'm trying to build a project where I utilize a Cisco 877 as a dumb modem by briding the ATM interface together with an Ethernet interface (VLAN) in this case due L2 switchports.The online documentation for RFC 2684 bridging states that I should b...

kayasaman by Beginner
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