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I have not accessed my router for many years. I found an article to connect my old Linksys to a new one for better performance with Wifi. I went to and tried to connect with my router. The password I have, and the passwords that were show...

Dear All, We've a WAN connection between HQ and Branches, a FlexVPN configuration with 2 hubs at the HQ HUb1 and Hub 2 plus one hub at DR sites. Branches have ISR1000 routers with ADSL WAN Link and 3/4G Cellular. we want to use both ADSL & Cellular l...

seeking guidance.  I have an ISR4331 version 17.3.5 and working to configure NAT and having difficulty.  Consider the g0/0/0 interface the inside and G0/0/1 the outside.   TCP traffic initiates from the outside.  Source /24 network will target an IP ...

fredluneau by Beginner
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Resolved! hide traceroute

Hello all İ have internet router in  my topology . it is first face of internet, has interface connected to ISP router. İ want to hide my interface IP traceroute among internet . My access-list looks ok, it prevents icmp-echo  but still ping request ...

Dear Team I need to update firmware of a WS-C3750X-48P stack with 3 members, I am new to Networking, just need some advice for thisDo I need to download the .bin or .tar file for this stack upgrade? And also need to know whether how can I find the co...

Dilanjan by Beginner
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Hi My question is based around IP SLA's with teh nexus 5548UP series of switches.I plan to use IP SLA's to track a specific path to a remote network and should the interface on the Nexus switch fails / goes down the static route to the remote network...

Hi TeamI have upgraded the firmware of WS-C3850 switch  to 16.12.05b , and after the reboot it didn't allow me login with the admin credentials.  but I can ping into the switch, is there any changes happen to admin login after the firmware upgradeTha...

Dilanjan by Beginner
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Resolved! how to solve this?

part-1: Make the primary and backup path for R1 Router,when R1 ping to R8 router, packet should be travel fromR1->R2->R4->R3->R5->R7->R8and when R8 give the reply it use same reverse route part-2:Make the primary and backup path for R2 Router,when R2...

Site 2-ospf configuration.png

I can run sh ip route longer-prefixes command on a IOS there a equivalent command for Cisco XR . above doesn't work.

in my catalyst have a PBR (policy based routing) which redirects all TCP 443 destination traffic to a different server/ can I exclude one destination IP or network from this PBR.current config;ip access-list extended 110102 permit tcp any any e...

manvik by Participant
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