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Resolved! ospf autonomous system number

Hi, I have one doubt from many days. In case IGRP, EIGRP, BGP we will specify autonomous system number. But coming to RIP and OSPF we don't specify autonomous system number. If this is the case, either RIP or OSPF belongs to which autonomous system h...

Resolved! Internet Load Balancing IOS

Has anyone sucessfully implemted Internet Load Balancing with OER with help of following config. example by cisco yes please check my config . Somet...

National Ethernet Questions.

Hey everyone,Another question regarding my university project.I am insisting using layer 2 connectivity between the HQ and 5 branch offices as point-to-multipoint but before I can implement this solution I need to understand the equipment that the IS...

JohnNarey by Beginner
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BGP Multihoming | CEF

Hi Expertsour organization is connected to two different ISPs , the 1st ciruit is 16 MB while the 2nd Circuit is 8 MB  both circuit are terminated in different routers underlying 2900 , the organization own an AS Number along with class C address  ha...

BGP | Questions

Hi ExpertsI Have 2 question in BGP1)what is the difference between the belowrouter bgp yynetwork mask the below as wellip prefix-list test permit of the above advertise the the to the ne...

What is the recommended router for 5,000+ users

I need to find out what router is best for a site with over 5,000 users and growing.  Most of them are internet and e-mail users as well as using VoIP. I want a router with enough performance so that all of these users can be accomidated during peak ...

hippieboy9 by Beginner
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Resolved! Do we really need OTV?

We are in the process of creating another data center about 15 miles from our current site. We are getting 1 Gig optimum E-line which is a Layer 2 multipoint-to-multipoint service and another 10 gig dark fiber. Both lines already supports layer 2 co...

bauti1428 by Beginner
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connectivity issue on Cisco 2811

Hi all,I'm having an issue with my Cisco 2811. The Internal FastEthernet0/1 interface is showing Link up but Protocol down. I have tried various combinations with the speed and duplex on the port and having no luck.The port connects to our Fortigate...

Cisco 7200 VXR SFP Error :(

Hi i just installed SFP module in Cisco VXR 7204  PA-POS-2OC3 port adapterit detected the module fine, but when i enable the POS interfacei get following error. what to do?Mar  7 17:30:31: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface POS1/1, chang...

Resolved! BGP peer templates behavior

Hi all,When using a route-map within a BGP peer-policy template, what does happen if you override this route-map ?Suppose we have the following configuration on our router :router bgp 1234 template peer-policy POLICY_TEMPLATE   route-map ROUTE_MAP_1 ...