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Hi TeamI have a doubt regarding when to use VWIC-T1/E1 cards and G.703 Cards.I have read the datasheet and found the only difference between two is that G.703 supports Unframed/Unstructured G.703 support.However i am still not clear in which scenario...

skallidu by Level 1
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Can somone give me a brief overview of the differances between the new 15.x IOS Types.  I see that 15.x has 15S, 15M, 15M&T, as well as special deployment versions and 15.0, 15.1, and 15.2 versions.  I really miss the old labeling scheme of Mainline ...

NPT_2 by Level 2
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I have a slight problem here.  Our setup is as follows Internet -> Main Site Router -> Serial to Remote Site Router -> Voice/Data Network on said Remote Site.  On their voice network, they have cameras connected in on the remote site.  They want remo...

Resolved! bgp MED

bgp always compare-med.... is this one obsolete and no longer needed?I am doing my lab and it seems like route updates gets evaluated with metric attribute with or without  "bgp alwaysys compare-med" comman.iI thought in order for the router to compa...

ed by Level 1
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Hi ,Class and Policy maps are defined properly but when I am going to apply the policy-map on interface ,throwing an error as "'set' command is not supported in a 2nd level policymap".Class/Policy map configuration given below ....class-map match-any...

s.kanth by Level 1
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Dear all,I have a customer with 10 locations connected to their hub location via MPLS from two different ISP's ISP1- Primary MPLS ISP2-Secondary MPLSat 5 locations including hub they are running BGP with MPLS.(No problem here)in remaining 5 locations...

Hi,quick question regarding a 3G access via a cisco 881Gi have a partner sim card (with the same number as the one in my mobile) iserted into the i have the problem that my mobile is unreachable (line busy), is there a way to use both sims...

Resolved! secondary IP block

I have a DSL with 6 public IP addresses.  I laready confirmed that the ISP can send the entire block to my cisco 871 router.  I would like to distribute those IP's only to certain devices and certain devices have LAN IP's how can I have the 871 respo...

Hi experts,Due to my customer has just a few experience on enterprise switch such as Catalyst. He dont trust on WHATS QoS. Just right deploying IP VDO along with VOIP. So, I need to do him a PoC to prove him like 7Mbps VDO input for 7-10 ports. Then ...

Hello,I need to reconfigure an exisiting network but i don't know how to do it:I have a building with 2 existing customers that need to be seperated from each other, but share a regular internet line and connection to CUCM.Here some info about the ne...

Dear friendI am using 3845 router at Head office. My server should reachable from different network. I am using Static nat as follows :ip nat inside source static route-map NAT_25 ip nat inside source static 17...