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I have just installed an SRP 527w and it's basic operation is working fine.  However, the ISP has allocated (and set up routing for) a range of 16 additional static addresses to the link that I now wish to configure and use, but I am having problems....

philby4ilp by Beginner
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I am trying to configure a 1941, but the router boots into readonly rommon . after configuring the router and  copy running config  to startup config, on reboot, none of the changes are saved, and boots back into readonly rommon.  any ideas what is ...

Resolved! nat on Network

Could some one help me please with NAT. I have a C licence ( A ISP WAN that connects to the Customer site uses network Address & Loopback i have on ISP ISP#show run Building configuration... Current con...

Hi FolksHow to start the Root cause analysis for the below pingReply from bytes=32 time=424ms TTL=255Reply from bytes=32 time=213ms TTL=255

I am new to ipv6 and I'm trying to wrap my head around autoconfiguration and how it relates to DNS. I've read that (R)DNS server information could be added to Router Advertisments so that clients that receive prefixes for ipv6 addressing also get th...

I have a 2801 router with a HWIC-3G-cdma card that I have inherited from a predicessor. My problem is that I have no idea how to use a cellular card on a router and need to get this thing up and running. Does anyone have an example config that I can ...

Jon Moots by Beginner
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Looking at replacing a couple of internet routers and looking for a good recommendation.-Use - Internet Edge routers.-Multihoming to two ISP's revieving full (bgp) internet routes.Current routers are 2811's and considering upgrading to someting like ...

mbroberson1 by Participant
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I'm unable to connect to the internet and despretly need help.My university gave us student permission toset up a cisco lab. I hve an 1841 router and a 2950 catalyst switch in a single room. Fa0/1 is conncted to the switch using a /24 net...

We have a few hundred routers in our environment, all of which are exclusively 2800 ISRs, 3800 ISRs, and 7200-G2s. What are the guidelines or best-practices when it comes to using ACLs?  At what point do ACLs become excessively long and start to hamp...

dlstokes by Beginner
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