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IPv6 Tunnel (Automatic IPv4-Compatible Mode)

Hi I'm setting up this type of tunnels but I can't find any good source of information about how to do it. As far as I know we need a routing protocol that provides you with the next hop in order to reach the IPv6 netwotk, for example BGP, but in my ...

enriquebs by Beginner
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ios release date

HI all,ios release date same to release notes date of that particular version or not,say for example 12.2(18)SXF11 date-18-09-2007

Incoming traffic issue

Hi ALL:I am facing a strange issue.I have 2 access switches (4506) which are connected to 2 core switch (6500)I have voice vlan and i have server on one of the core swith where i am recording the incoming and outgoing voice traffic using SPAN port fo...

vishwancc by Participant
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DMVPN load balancing

Hi,We have DMVPN phase 3 configured in our WAN with Two Hubs and 12 spokes.I want to have half of the sopke goes to one Hub and another half to another hub.We have 30 Meg Bandwith in each Hub and one of the hub link is iddle "not much used". Want to ...

tmesbah by Beginner
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Help undestanding QoS config

Hi,I got the config of CE router of one my provider and I want to undestand QoS is doing and the statement on g0/1 "max-reserved-bandwith 85" makes any difference or not.Here is the config:!class-map match-all BH description Bursty-High match any cl...

tmesbah by Beginner
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IP SLA HTTP Monitor - Sending trap on timeout

I'm trying to get a notification sent via SNMP trap when a IP SLA HTTP Monitor has a connection problem.<br /><br />Is the the correct IOS configuration?<br /><br />ip sla monitor logging traps<br /><br />ip sla monitor 500<br /> type http operation ...

Tcp and snmp communication

Hello all;I'm find an explanation of one issue face in our network. We have a part of our network which is not segmented.We install a sniffer server without configuring span, this sniffer server was connected to the cisco switch.We discover that thi...

BGP ,EIGRP route tuning .

Hi friends,<br /><br />Could any one guide me for configuring the devices shown in the dia.<br /><br />I need to configure the following things<br /><br /><br /><br />1.Need to run EIGRP between all the 4 devices,<br /><br />2.Need to publish 50 & 51...

maahiraahi by Beginner
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Problems connecting routers

I dont know if I'm just retarted or soemthing but I cannot get these 2 routers to connect.I have two Cisco 2621XM router both equipped with NM-4A/S cards.I connect router1 with a 1 foot dte/dce cable on serial 1/1 DTE side and the other on serial 1/2...

Idea switch temp?

I am just curious what is the ideal temp for a cat 3560/6500 series switches?<br /><br />I have a situation where I have some equipment that is in a space where temp fluctuates. Is there a point where a network engineer picks up a phone and calls an...

Resolved! Routing and Reachability Question

If I have a data center router that is running OSPF on a serial WAN interface - and that interface is connected to a remote spoke router, will that remote router be reachable from the rest of the enterprise if it is not running OSPF but is simply con...

visitor68 by Enthusiast
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