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Resolved! 7x00 router question

Hi,We may consider to upgrade the router to 7x00 model for furture expension. below two models I prefer. 7200-NPE-G1 7301 what is the main diffrerent of them? any link or doc about it?rdgs

PIX 6.35 issue

Dear All,I try to tranfer the running config file to tftp server from a PIX 6.35 versionBut it is fail, any one can help me ? P.S. My tftp server can ping to pix firewall, also tftp server already open.ITB5P02# copy running-config tftpUsage: copy ca...

acbenny by Beginner
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Besides IS-IS, what good is CLNP?

So I've got to get comfy with IS-IS to pass my BSCI exam and frankly I find the whole thing 90% of ridiculous.I'd like to get more comfy with understanding the CLNP specification (I mean what functionally is the difference between CLNP and CLNS), how...

BGP Dual Homing Vs. Link Load Balancers

Hi,I have a customer who has multiple internet connections with multiple ISPs and would like to implement load balancing between his different links. I know there should be a kind of ISP coordination for BGP routing; but can somebody assist me with t...

SVI HSRP VLAN routing issue

I have stack of 3750s running advancedIP image, and a 3550 running IPServices. Both are running IP Routing and are apart of per SVI HSRP groups. The switched infrastructure runs rapid-pvst, where the 3750 stack is the root. The 3750 is also the activ...

Throttles observed on Gigait interface

Dear Members,I have a 3800 series router and recently, it continously hangs, while some sites connected on it will be working, some will not be working. I did a show interface on the router and observed some Throttles on the interface. I tried cleari...

Resolved! VPN logs and details

hi, I have configured ASA 5550 as a VPN server. I want a software from which i get information which user is logged at what time, and this software maintains history also.Thanks

Resolved! Cisco IOS

I'm very new to cisco worlds...I just bought cisco 851 router but I can't get my hyperterminal to display anything. I have tried using teraterm and it still the same. What I did was I plug in the light blue cable(looks like RJ45) to console port on t...

OSPF genral

im stuck with OSPF again :( :(im receiving default routes from two neighbours.Both are having same metric same forwarding address same cost [ sh ip ospf border]but one path is selected - on what basis its selecting ?


Hi TeamWhen we connect console to the router, we are getting the following error message continuously%TCP-6-NOBUFF: TTY0, no buffer available -Process= "SCCP Application", ipl= 0, pid= 241 -Traceback= 0x414AA310 0x41C52D18 0x41C5CB7C 0x41C5CEEC 0x41C...

vaibhav-g by Beginner
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