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Resolved! ISIS 3 way handshake

What is the difference between  "isis three-way-handshake ietf" and "isis three-way-handshake cisco" ? When I did packet capture with isis three-way-handshake ietf there were extended local circuit ID , Neighbor system-ID  and neighbor extended local...

PBR Policy for LAN Traffic

I have wireless Vlan subnet which is shared on Three Sites, here WLC is located in Data Center  and we have SCCM DP server at Site 2 and Site 3 Now for Site 2 & 3 Traffic for Wireless user to SCCM DP Server is first going out to WAN to DC then its co...

virenderb by Beginner
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Without Routing protocol

Hello,2 router connected with 1 each ISP link and connected with cisco L2 switch as truck port.ISP 1 f0/0 connected to L2 switch port eth0/0 (Airtel ISP)ISP 1 f0/0 connected to L2 switch port eth0/1 (TATA ISP)Total 10 system...

Vpnv4 Label mapping Cisco XR

Hi Team, i have topology of three routers (R1----->R2------>R3) R1 and R3 are acting as PE device while R2 is RR. Please confirm whether below behavior is normal or not. R1 is receiving prefix from R3 with RD of 1234:11 and VPN Label 240...

Sunil_06 by Beginner
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BGP Multi-peering with the same AS vs different AS

Hi all, hope everyone is well !!!I have a couple questions around BGP multi-home with 2 separate upstream L3 devices. From the diagram below, I have a pair of Nexus 9300s directly connected to 2 separate SDWAN appliances via L3 links and I'll running...

dtran by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Issue when set up snmp on cisco firewal

  Hi, I got warning when I tried to set up snmp on a FTD: fw1/pri/act(config)# snmp-server host inside 10.x.x.241 community xxxx version 2WARNING: mapped-address 10.x.x.250/161 overlaps with existing static NAT in Section 1, rule 7.WARNING: mapped-ad...

Visio stencils Topologies of cisco documents

Hello everybody, I'm checking some documents of cisco and came across these icons and found it very cool, I think they are great to draw topologies in visio and well today as have jabber and others, someone there possesses them to send me?  http://ww...

Resolved! Spam of Smart Call Home messages

Hi All On my central router I discovered a spam of Smart Call Home messages in the syslog, it looks like this:   2021-12-01 22:01:33.618 CET SAEVT_COMM_FAIL error="Smart Call Home failed to process the request." 2021-12-01 22:19:25.949 CET SAEVT_COMM...

patoberli by VIP Advisor
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Resolved! PBR not working properly

I am trying to get PBR working porperly and have had no luck please tell  me what I am doing wrong..  here is my current config for the PBR   NOTE:  I subjected in to 2 networks  and   i am using "sd...