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Hello, I have 3 collectors listed under All Collectors and when I try to delete the 2 collectors I am not using  I get collector deactivation failed. Does anyone know how can I resolved this issue ?   ** removed screenshot for privacy reason***  

Please assist with the below error on first CSPC upload. I'm also not seeing Administration > Upload Processing in the SNTC portal - not sure if this is part of the problem or the result of the upload error. Thanks! Upload UPLOADING: FAILED; Certific...

bcagney07 by Beginner
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Hi, I set up a new instance of the Cisco CSP collector 2.8. Initially I have uploaded devices data with out serial numbers. Due to this I am unable to fetch covered/not covered information from the portal and later I have uploaded and tried to get ne...

Hello, Will it possible to use, from Cisco Collector to SSH remote Device through Jump Server for collection. Cisco_Collector -----> Jump_Server(SSH) -----> Router. since, we have many devices which don't allow SSH Connection from Cisco_Collector, du...

Our company recently split, and my account is still assigned to SNTC under the old company's account.I want to set up a new SNTC account under our new company name, with me as the DA. I tried registering, and it asked me to confirm I should be the DA...

pehougaa79 by Beginner
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