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I am configuring an ASR 1002-X router and wanted to enter the no enable mop command. I see there is not a command. Does the ASR 1002-X not have this feature? Is it already disabled by default on the latest IOS? Does it have to be enabled inorder to i...

gbenoit83 by Level 1
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Hello all, I am pretty much brand new to these bigger routers so im not entirely sure what I am doing ha.  But your answers would be greatly appreciated.  So I have a cisco 2800 router that I need to log in to, the problem is we dont know the passwor...

Hi guys.I have a network with below topology :Server vlan two should can only answer the remote request of server vlan three and has no other permissions. Server vlan three should is unlimited accessI typed below commands in switch-core of my top top...

chpmotry by Level 1
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Hello I have a question that I am curious about and was wondering if you could help me out.I currently have a Cisco router, specifically the NCS540 model. I have assigned an IP address of /21 to it, and then further divided this subnet into sub-inter...

yasserTL by Level 1
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Hello, I am in the process of trying to configure DHCP for my VLANS and am having some trouble. So far I have:Configured my DHCP poolAdded the VLAN(s) to the L3 and L2 switchConfigured the VLANS on the switchesEnabled Trunking on the necessary portsI...

Recently I had to replace a failing 1760 router, with new 1941 that has IOS 15. The 1941 is having an issue with vrrp that I cannot resolve. It is not running at the right priority but in the "down" state. It is communicating with the 2nd router, whi...

RWBARNES1 by Level 1
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Hey guys, Im having issues with pinging PC's with each other, as I understand its because I didn't configure the serial ports on routers, can someone show me how to configure them? Same with pinging DHCP, HTTP servers and loopback 1 (it just says des...

olzhik by Level 1
  • 7 replies
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Hello, I have got a C1000 switch. iOS is 15.2(7)E6.I am trying a MAC address filtering to the ports.1. (config) mac access-list extended <named list>2. (config-ext-macl) permit host <MAC address> any3 (config-ext-macl) deny any any4. (config) int ran...

para35 by Level 1
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We have HA feature in Meraki, which automatically assigns primary and secondary but they are both active active, I want to know what protocol is running in the background for the HA feature.Is HSRP, GLBP or VRRP OR something else?

ankitohc by Spotlight
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I have been getting reports of phone rebooting and after futther analysis they seem to be loosing power as the ports are being shutdown? Anybody seen similar issues?  Wanted to post before I call TAC, any help would be nice.Enviornment:IP Phone Model...