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BGP to static failover

Hi Everyone.   We have primary MetroE BGP circuit and backup ADSL which was migrated to fiber using Static route. If our primary circuit goes down, will our internal LAN network still be advertise on the backup circuit?

Jamir by Beginner
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SG200-26P VLANS, IP Helper Cisco 1841

Hi All,so what i want to do is have 2 vlans, Data Vlan 1 & Voice Vlan 2below is the setup I currently have but I cant get IP helper to get vlan 2 to get an IP address from the DHCP server.   Vlan 1 - 2 - Serv...

NES-Joe by Beginner
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Resolved! VTP Summary Advertisement--> VTP Domain Mismatch (All helpful posts will be rated)

So,   Whenever a VTP configured Switch receives a VTP Summary Advertisement, it will check whether the Domain Name matches   If the Domain Name doesn't match, then     - The VTP Server, Client or Transparent (V1) Switch would ignore the Summary Adver...

BDI bridged to Vlan on same router?

 I have a problem. I have 2 4451's connected to a Layer 2 switch via BDI interfaces and running HSRP on the router. (see attached drawing). On the routers I also have  8 port NIM cards. I have a PC plugged into one of the NIM card ports and need to c...

davistw by Beginner
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Console noise

When using a ISR 4221 as a console device. I get the following on one of the 3850's and it will not stop scrolling..  I even removed and added back. I do see a lot of noise!!.. any suggestions would be helpful.   * 0/1/6    8 TTY   9600/9600  -    - ...

Resolved! nexus 3k TCAM carving region cannot be configured

Hi  I'm trying to configure PBR and i'm getting pushed back when I try to apply switch(config-if)# ip policy route-map PBRunder SVI  with an error 0x410400c5(TCAM region is not configured. Please configure TCAM region and retry the command) so i'm tr...

Chris_78 by Beginner
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Trouble routing VLANs between 4503 and a 6509

We have a 6509 core switch that connects all of your schools together via fiber. In the past, the group of buildings near the data center with this core switch were on the same subnet as the datacenter, which did cause some problems. We now have set ...

JohnW63 by Beginner
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IP getting issue

Hi, I have " C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M " 9 switches in stack and am using Radius server for authentication.when ever i am using authentication method my end usres are unable to get Ip address.can any one suggest on this.

Robo123 by Beginner
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3850 device tracking / DAI interop problem?

Hello, customer has 3850s with IOS-XE 3.7.5 in access-layer. The access ports are configured with 802.1x, ip device tracking and dhcp snooping.We wanted to increase security by adding arp inspection to client vlan 160. We had to remove DAI because of...

hhaeupler by Beginner
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