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Switch recommendations for a Branch Office

Forum,I would like to ask for recommendations on a Cisco switch model that would be ideal for a branch office.The requirements would need to be:Gigabit Eth user ports.10G ports for serversFailover of power supplies (have at least 2 pwr supplies)Run I...

Need help guys

Hello guys what's up i know this is Cisco community but i have a problem here is my situation:.Hello guys what's up i have a problem with my setup the connection between router and poe smart Switch keep disconnecting.and when it happens i have no act...

MacAmb by Beginner
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N7K-SUP2E login problems.

Hi all, N7K-SUP2E login problems via CLI-a on Nexus 7000. This device have problems when I connect via CLI, namely they eject so-called hieroglyphs.  Of course, this problem would be easy to solve by changing the bit rate per second, but unfortunatel...

dlo_0-1644587895596.png dlo_1-1644587895600.png
dlo by Beginner
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spanning-tree dynamic MAC deletion ?

hello guyscan anyone please interpret this sentence please : i mean which command(s) will do this requirement and for which purpose(s) "spanning-tree must immediately delete dynamically learned MAC address entries on a        per-port basis upon rece...

Resolved! 4500-X IOS XE Upgrade

Hello,I found the table in cisco docs and I was wondering if based on that, we could install IOS fimware image in stead of IOS XE firmware image. Could someone help me please ?Here is the table: Cisco IOS XE Version - Cisco IOS Version03.3.0SG15.1(1)...

hadjtam16 by Beginner
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