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Dear Network Admins, I have a problem about uplink port that is connected between cisco 3850 and mpls panel. I used GLC-LH-SMD sfp by doing this but releated uplink port notconnect. let me say interesting thing, normally HP switch is connected to mpl...

Resolved! 3850x and 3850xs

Hey all,   Really quick question, I only have one stacking cable for these guys, in order to stack them together regardless of the redundancy, would I be able to accomplish this off of one cable?

Hi,   I am just trying some VLAN routing using the 3560 switches in packet tracer. I have created a vlan 4 on switch A with vlan interface being and vlan 5 on switch B with vlan interface being A layer 3 trunk has been establ...

nuggetinu by Beginner
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Hello.   I'm confused if it is possible to have 2 vlans on the same network where each vlan has multiple static ip addresses on 1 switch that Is connected to a router.   My setup:   Vlan 2 range /26 | Vlan 3 range

Malling by Beginner
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Resolved! 3548 eol

Looking at the Cisco's website it looks like the 3548's are going EOS Oct. 2016 and going EOS Oct 2021? Does anyone know if this is true? These switches seem to new for this?? TIA   https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/switches/nexus-3548-switch/mod...

Cisco_Bob by Beginner
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I 've limited traffic from a certain IP addresses by ACL and Policy-maps. But now I need to limit traffic from OneDrive, but OneDrive uses different addresses so I cannot identify an ip address because it always changes its IP address. I dont find an...

ccnaluna93 by Beginner
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HI,I have VSS running  on 2 cisco WS-C4506-E.My process cpu goes high and when i check IOSD prcoess taking majority of CPUegtc-dsw-c4k#  show processes cpu sortedCore 0: CPU utilization for five seconds: 12%; one minute: 13%;  five minutes: 17%Core 1...

Asim Afzal by Beginner
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I am running the latest version of 12.2(55)SE6 on the catalyst and I am looking for this command "lacp rate fast" but it is not there:lab-c3750#conf tEnter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.lab-c3750(config)#interface g1/0/5lab-c...

david.tran by Enthusiast
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Hello Guys   I created a simple scenario on a L3 LACP topic and I assigned IPs to both ends and I can do ping from end-to-end but on both of MSWs interfaces are going down and resume to up state and when I turned the debug LACP on I get this messages...

Layer 3 switch need to configure 'ip routing' command on SVI  to inter vlan routing   but i find core switch do not have this command.   and use interface cmp-mgmt module as ip default-gateway    does it mean that it can do inter vlan routing without...

Maivoko by Beginner
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What are some of the issues that can cause an RSTP root port to permanently remain in a blocking state?  Unfortunately I can't post much output due to confidentiality.    router#sh spann vlan 7                                        VLAN0007         ...

jkaras by Beginner
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Hi guys,   I'm new here and new to network as well. I have a simple question.   Is LACP/PAGP different from High Availability or Chassis Cluster (for JunOS)?   I understand that LACP logically combines 2 or more (up to 8) interfaces into one, having ...

KyleHB by Beginner
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