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I'm encountering a problem getting a Cisco 2960x to accept a line of programming. I'm setting it up currently:   Switch#config t switch(config)#hostname 3560_10 3560_10(config)#enable secret zxcvbnm 3560_10(config)#enable password cisco 3560_10(confi...

PNKTech1 by Beginner
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I just had a circuit installed recently from a provider and was given a private IP address to connect our network to. Isn't the ISP normally supposed to hand me out a WAN IP to use so that I can give my router's interface an IP within the same subnet...

I have a pair of 5508 controllers that we are attempting to bring up in HA mode. The code is HA-SSO mode comes online after assigning a native vlan(appears to be a requirement in 8.0.x.x.x code) to the primary controller management interfa...

Hi All, I am wondering whether I can filter network advertisements received from EIGRP neighbor by peer or neighbor. I need to suppress all the advertised networks received by a specific peer. I cannot use static neighbor as I am on nx-os. Thanks!

Ruterford by Beginner
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Hi Team,I have some Cisco 881 router configuration questions and would like some help from you. I have a web server within my network and I had forwarded port 80 on the Cisco router WAN interface to allow external connection to the web server. . I h...

may.thu by Beginner
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I just purchased some C3KX-SM-10G modules to allow us to do Netflow on our 3750x switches.   I am being told the only transceivers you can install on these modules is fiber.  I typically enable netflow on the uplink to our MPLS for these remote sites...

HI, long time not posting here...i have a huge virtual LABs using vmware workstation, i sold all my cisco physical equipments, to much spaces and a lot of pounds , so i putted everything in my physical server HP Proliant, i mean running  cisco virtua...

jheff_mat by Beginner
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I have one switch in place (Cisco Catalyst 3960-CX 16 port.) and I want to connect another switch to it via a trunk port. The second switch is an older catalyst 3960 24 port.   My Network uses VTP, and the trunk link has the native vlan set as 20.   ...