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Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to remove the requirement of the http server to have a password? "no ip http authentication" only removes the authentication method, but accessing the switch via http still requires a username/password. The hardw...

Dears, I have two cisco switch (sg500) model I have connected this two switch in different department and i  have connected it through SPF single module Optical fiber. Its communicating but after 30 packet its showing "destination host unreachable" A...

Hello, I'm kinda new in VLAN and setup my own lab via packet tracer. I'm trying to aggregate the two trunk connection that I setup but can't seem to make it work. What am I possible missing? How can I do it correctly?

daredavel by Level 1
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I have this setup with a hybrid of equipment's from Cisco and Ubiquiti Edge routers and Vyos. My Cisco Nexus configured with HSRP with all the SVI's on as the active on HSRP and SVI's all on area with SVI interfaces on 192.168.1...

utawakevou by Level 4
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Hello.  I'm having a doubt to configure in a Cisco 2800. The problem here is that there is a VLAN with I have to route between to network. The VLAN-id is 317. Let see a simple solution which I found in the internet.  Router#configure terminalRouter...

Hi, I just set up SNMP with the following commands to talk to an snmp server, which one of our programmers is setting up for me.  I need to know if these are right, and if so, do we need to do anything at the other end in particular.  Right now, he ...

Hello All, I'm looking for a solution. I have a 4331 ISR that is currently in production and working fine. Though I have some very specific pings that fail and I'm trying to figure out why as it is making it difficult to troubleshoot other things. I...

hayesa by Level 1
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We just installed a Cisco 4431 router in our Jackson location which is at 6300' altitude.  I am wondering why the fan speeds are running close to 18,000 rpm.  The inlet temperature is 27 and 31 Celsius for the Inlet 1 and Inlet 2.  Shouldn't they slo...

Hi, Obtained some 3750's a few of them have a 10G service module.  When booting up, I get an error saying 10G Service Module (C3KX-SM-10G) in switch 1 has a software version that is incompatible with the IOS software version. How do I reconcile thi...

by Not applicable
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We are going on 5 years with our network and it looks like most of devices will be reaching their end of life according to Cisco. I have eight 2960 switches. How many more years of service can I expect to get out of these switches before they physic...

I do not have the login or password to the Cisco 5505 router. Is there a way to reset the password and login without resetting the entire router settings?

tlong by Level 1
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