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Hi all , I'm reseaching about GRE and IPSEC . But i'm wondering that what is the different between GRE over IPSEC & ISEC VPN??? I'm really confused about them. Can someone explain for me??? Thank for help :D

petpkcui1 by Level 1
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Router : C891F (1 Gigabit L3 port and 8 switch ports) It's probably easy but I don't know what's wrong. To put you in context, I configured a router out of the main LAN and everything worked except that 1 computer was stuck with an APIPA address whi...

Kekun by Level 1
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After our air-conditioning system fails, our CISCO Catalyst WS-C6500-E makes a restart. Now the firmware image "S72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXH.bin" are corrupt. Sorry, but we have no service contract for this Machine. Please let me know, where...

scenario - 5 routers full mesh - all share the same cost "bandwidth" running OSPF.  is it normal to see a traceroute from 3 to 7  as per below doing loadbalancing? 3     6    5 4     7 1 20 msec 12 msec 16 msec 2...

Resolved! Cisco VSS

Hi All, I have one query regarding the virtual switching system, I have port channel running between the switches for the VSL, but have not configured Dual active detection. Query :- Is it really recommended to have the Dual active configured when ...

harishc12 by Level 1
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It is not recommended to span vlans across the core in typical campus setup. How do you guys in practice do this for exceptions? Just create svi on core for for example mgmt vlan? Now have a setup where all svis are defined on core, but there are l2 ...

Hello , I am seeing high cpu process utilization by multicast process. Any one has idea if it is some bug ? #show processes cpu sorted CPU utilization for five seconds: 69%/41%; one minute: 69%; five minutes: 68% PID Runtime(ms) Invoked u...

I am trying to connect to a switch in a network through the console but being prompted with local user authentication, but I would like to configure it to authenticate through aaa radius

ben robin by Level 1
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What is meant by a ethernet ring topology diameter. If i have 10 switches in a ring what is the diameter? I understand it is 7 for regular stp, but how many switches can be linked with a diameter of 7.

Resolved! Bridge Assurance

One of issues of CCIE is Bridge Assurance in legacy STP. After read Cisco blueprint I know that consists in send/receive BPDU in all ports without. However I would like to deep more in this feature in order to understand better. Could you send me so...

I've got LACP-enabled port-channels between a Cisco 3750 stack and a few different switches (some Cisco 3750s and some Juniper EX2200s).  The Ciscos are all sending slow LACP updates, the Junipers are sending fast LACP updates (but the Cisco they con...

cisco by Level 1
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Hi there, i am trying to do below scenario. i tried to configure it with my solution. but its not worked. any idea from experts? requirement :                         L2 Network                            L3 Network                              L2...