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Hello. I have a 9200L switch that was previously part of a stack that I removed the configuration from but it still seems to think it is part of a stack and I don't know how to remove.I ran the command no switch provision to remove the other stack me...

Rygo by Beginner
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in rommon mode ,when we login to switch then it is seen as below way--switch:-----Right?when switch does not find IOS in flash then it goes into Rommon mode ,right?for going into Rommon mode,switch uses Mini IOS ,Right?where is that mini IOS stored i...

knaik99 by Beginner
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Hi,  I need to know whether the GLC-SX-MMD fibre module is compatible with the WS-C6506-E switch. It has WS-X6724-SFP 24 port card and VS-S720-10G 5 ports Supervisor Engine. Requirement is to connect 2960-24PC access switches to core switches.  Thank...

ruch by Beginner
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I have a Cisco C1000 that is passing traffic fine but it drops the connection to manage the switch and it stops pinging for a while. When it isn't pinging I can still get to the Cisco 3560CX switch behind it. The C1000 is on VLAN 1 with ...

bcramer04 by Beginner
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I have 2 9500 switches and I am trying to connect the 2 together without a stacking cable. I have a 100GB QSFP cable connected to port 32 on each switch, I have a link light between the 2 connections, but I cannot ping from one switch to the other. D...

gavinr98 by Beginner
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I have just got some brand new C9300s, I have them ready and have stacked their cables per the required for using 3 but the master switch still wont see the others, did I miss something ?I tried booting each switch in order too.M

munchl4xx by Beginner
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Hello, I need to configure a FC on N5648Q -N5600-M12Q module.somehow it does not work I tried the following without successinterface fc ? <1-255>  Slot/Chassis Number interface fc 3? /        Slash separator <1-255>  Slot/Chassis Number SWnx5k-01(con...

Hi!I have configured my Cisco catalyst 1000 series switch everything is working fine and I can see the Mac address-table as well but when I use show arp command it only show 2 connected devices and one of them is router and second one is switch it se...

Hello,If we only have cisco cat4500 and 9500 as the core switch and C2960x as distribution and access switch, what can we do to prevent ransomware attacked the internal resource?

hs08 by Spotlight
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Hi So we are building a new factory network. And we want to use our Cisco network for the IO traffic.  The problems come when we are trying to to connect the ABB IO useing ProfinetThe IO needs two uplinks. So we have a ring and useing REP, and 2 Swit...

Niklas.D by Beginner
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