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Once we upgrade our N7k (N7K-1 and N7K-2) to NX-OS 7.2 and insert the F2 series line cards, will this dual-homed server active-active setup function?    Server1    |     |     <----- Server is dual-homed  FEX-A FEX-B   /  \ /  \    <----- Each FEX ...

fsebera by Level 4
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Hi, guysI have a concern.How I can limit the bandwidth for customers.This is my scenario.I have a 30Mbps Internet link, and I want to "share" this Internet to customers, but, certainly I will have to limit the bandwidth, upload and download.The custo...

Edson Vuma by Level 1
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My company would like to begin migrating servers from our 4948 access switches over to our new Nexus 5624Q switches.  Currently the 4948's trunk up to our collapsed core which consists of a pair of 6509's (note, these do not use VSS).  At the 6509's ...

Hi,     I have a switch port configured as Access port and this port is connected to a router interface (Voice gateway).From that router interface the switchport received BPDU and the port was flapping.? Can anybody tell why I'm receiving BPDU on the...

vasanth77 by Level 1
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I am trying to configure a floating route but an aggregate route already exist in the routing table.  As such the floating route is more specific and gets inserted into the routing table immediately.   Does anyone know of a way around this? Here is m...

I am able to ping from router 1 to router 2 connected by GE0/0 ports on both sides. I am also able to ping to the vlan interface ip address set up for all ports on the network module. I can ping from router 2 to the host just fine. I know I'm miss...

I have 2 VLAN's configured on a switch. VLAN 100: Internal-Subnet VLAN 200: Guest-Subnet How to configure 801.1x on the switch port to put authenticated user on the Internal subnet? I am able to force unauthenticated user to be on the Guest Subnet

Had issues with upgrade 2x3850 in a stack . Disconnected the stacking cable and was able to upgrade IOS individually. Now when I connect them again with stack cables it not forming the stack.One switch will boot but other is just rebooting giving err...

Dears, I need to implement a scenario to one of my customers, he needs: Limit the Interfaces to a specific bandwidth ( 4 Mbps , 10 Mbps , 20 Mbps )all the interfaces will have the same gate-way IP( Router IP) customer has a Switch (3560-48PS) and a...