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Hi, i have server that running openstack (kvm). For public, we have bonding nic (nic1,nic2). We plan to do redundancy for this bonding. The bonding using active-backup (active/passive) mode.  Nic1 will be active and nic2 is backup. Both nic connected...

zainal by Level 1
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Hi guys, we bought 4 3850's(2 XS with 12 10GiG ports and 2 48P 3850's) I'm wondering what's the recommended stacking technique for these. Can they all be stacked and configured like VSS or should I combine 1XS with 1 48P in each stack?  Thanks

NETAD by Level 4
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Hi to all,I've a question regarding the Upgrade to the latest IOS image since this 3750G model is one of the latest which have on-board only 16MB of Flash...I've seen that latest IOS .tar images with SSH and Web Device are about 15.5MB or more, so I'...

oguarisco by Level 3
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I replaced 3 C2950 10/100M switches with 2 C2960X (Version 15.0(2a)EX5) Model WS-C2960X-24PS-L to be prepared for VOIP and to get workstations to 1G, so for now I'm using the switches for just printers/computers,  now WOL is not working as it was on ...

r.tipton by Level 1
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I have a 5516x ASA running version 9.5(2)10. I noticed recently that one of my static routes is including a next hop that doesn't belong on that interface. We have a VPN tunnel off of the outside2 interface which has a next hop of xxx.xxx.xxx.17. Tha...

rweir0001 by Level 1
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Quick question.. On a Nexus 7K (NX-OS 6.2), can a source port be in a multiple active SPAN sessions?  The N5K and N6K docs specifically state not, but the corresponding N7K document doesn't say it can't be (doesn't say it can either) As I can't run ...