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Nexus 7K inter-VRF solution

Hi all,We are try to find a solution to send traffic from one VRF to another VRF on the same 7K chassis vDC not through external box, like switch/router/firewall layer 3 box.any recommendation is highly appreciated.

Ingress QoS Marking - Policy Precedence

Quick question to anyone that knows the answer off the top of their head before I go checking with live captures. Let's say I want to mark my ingress packets as follows at the access layer...- Voice (SIP or SCCP) EF- Video AF41- Signaling AF31/CS3- A...

pdavapark by Beginner
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net setup problem

Hi, I have a problem to setup nat for a machine. we have machine need open port, said, 11111. the machine is on privite network there is a cisco 2000 router configure this subnet, and link it to main router cat6500, with a public ip a...

julxu by Beginner
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IP Multicast routing

Hi all,I have a simply question for multicast routing.we have a medium network environement, where we have on a vlan (VLAN 15) a TV Station which can be accessed via an vlc player over multicast.IGMP snooping ist configured on all vlans.Access with t...

IOS Firewall Feature Set - LAN P2P routing

I have a point to point connection to install in a customers LAN with a private router at each location of the circuit. This customer has an IOS firewall/gateway as opposed to an ASA or the like. Whenever I've done a configuration like this with an A...

miked by Beginner
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Resolved! Nexus Design

 Hello there,We are trying to connect Nexus 9500, 9300, 5500 in a 3 vpc domain architecture where Nexus 9300 will provide layer 2 connectivity to both 9500 and 5500.I have attached the diagram.Nexus 9500 will act as Network Core, Nexus 9300 will act ...

Resolved! REP limitation

Hi  I have question on the REP "There can be a maximum of 22 REP segments per router."  There is a maximum of 64 REP segments per switch. what does these two statement exactly mean?if you had any example to show it would be great furthermore, are the...

Resolved! Interface?BGP Flapping

Hi Folks, I need small clarification on  logs. Per logs I can see that interface and BGP were flapping. could anyone clarify is an issue with interface or BGP?  Jun  3 07:44:51 CEST: %CONTROLLER-5-UPDOWN: Controller E1 0/0/0, changed state to down (A...

sunilsu45 by Beginner
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blocking openvpn

hello guys I've blocked some sites on my network and everything went really fine using access-lists but recently i found that some users are using  some openvpn services to access these sites such as tor and hotspot shield so is there any technics th...