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Hi, I've recently installed a GLC-LH-SMD in my existing 2921 router running 15.2(4)M3 version of IOS. According to the Digital Optical Monitoring Compatibility Matrix, that SFP is capable of DOM, but when I sh int <int id> transceiver, it returns Mod...

smace by Beginner
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We have had 3 CISCO switch failures within a month. And all 3 are of the same Model no. 2960G used as Layer 2 switches in different domains.  In all 3 we had the same scenario that the SYST,RPS,STAT,DUPLEX and SPEED LEDs were found not be glowing and...

Lets say I have a router that is connected to four other routers on the following interfaces:FastEthernet0/1: (connected to a router with IP (connected to a router with IP ...

waztrix01 by Beginner
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Hello, I am working with a Cisco ASA 5505 device and 9.2(3) firmware.Currently I have /29 (5 useable) public IP addresses assigned by the ISP. The "outside" interface or WAN is configured with public IP. The "inside" interface or LAN is confi...

kumcore79 by Beginner
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Let me preface this by saying that my setup uses both a DHCP pool and DNS within a single router for a single class C subnet. The idea was to have the clients assigned an IP address and for the router to act as that subnets DNS server for the address...

jp.ward16 by Beginner
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Hi I saw the following:  " ------------------Use the following commands to assign the IP address to VLAN 1, which is the management VLAN by default:TEswitch1(config)#interface vlan 1TEswitch1(config-if)#ip address 255.255.25...

wfqk by Contributor
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I had a port-channel from a 6509 VSS pair into a 4948 that was monitoring a remote vlan into a physical port. Due to a physical layout change, the connection is now from the 6509 VSS pair into a pair of Nexus 5010's - which each have a port-channel b...

I have a 3750 Cisco Switch on which I have configured a Local SPAN Session as follows: Session 1---------Type              : Local SessionSource Ports      :    Both          : Gi1/0/43-44Destination Ports : Gi1/0/10    Encapsulation : Native        ...

Hello Experts,This may be a simple question for you but I wanted to make sure that this works...We have a two WS-C2960S-48FPS-L and each of them is sitting on an office that's very close to each other. To connect both switches with a link is less tha...

I initially was going to submit a TAC case about this but it's such a minor thing I figured I'd just see if everyone else has similar behavior on their 3850s.  I have a stack of 3850 switches (48T-S & 48F-S) and no matter how I build it or how large ...

bruhling1 by Beginner
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Resolved! IOS Upgrade

I have a 2960C (WS-C2960CPD-8PT-L) running 12.2(55) EX2. I would like to upgrade to release 15.2.3E1 (c2960c405-universalk9-mz.152-3.E1.bin). Is this possible.According to Cisco documentation I believe I can but can anyone definitively confirm this? ...

Hello, Once again I come asking your assistance after being confused in my reading through the CCNP SWITCH cert guide. First off, the basis of my first question is: You should add the non-silent parameter if you expect a PAgP-capable switch to be loc...

beerilavi by Beginner
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